Why Old Methods Still Have the Values! Yes, We are Talking About Rainwater Harvesting!

Think again, what you leave behind for your children!!!

This one line is having a very deep massage for all of us, Yes we humans! We Indians!

Almost for every human being on this planet earth, day starts with consumption of one of our very valuable resource water! In so many terms i.e. A glass of water in morning, brushing up your teeth or taking a bath either.

Re-sharing you all with a wonderful article by Jugapro,

Let’s dump the guilt and pick up the clues, for it isn’t too late even now to wake up to the reality, the world today needs 10 Billion litres of clean water each day and we hardly have any!

 Rain Water Harvesting

A big question for all of us! 

There are over 700 million in the world who must face great difficulty in accessing clean safe water. That makes it over 10% of the global population. There are several more who get some water, undoubtedly, not clean and certainly not sufficient for their bare necessities.

Let’s agree that most of us, who have taps in our homes, are few of the lucky ones, who have access to clean water!! have a look to the picture below –



chennai-water-crisis-Chennai Water crises 2019, is an another alarm!

Next time, when you dive into the clean blue pool, think again, how long that splash will last?

Look at the rivers, we do see those dry for almost whole of the year; our children might not have to spend a fortune on the fancy rain-shower, Jacuzzi or even on a modest bathtub; it might be hard to find a bottleful of clean water.

Please wait, it you thought of the 2/3 water in our oceans as a drinkable source; think again, desalination is both expensive and unviable source of water for many of the economies. Having drank the RO water, we might have escaped the infections but devoid of the essential natural minerals, the packaged water for drinking might have been the cause of several immunity issues we face.

Look at the monsoon, earlier, it used to give us bountiful of clean water to fill up our water bodies and the rivers, now that the climate change is real, we have a dwindling supply of showers, an erratic schedule and temperamental behaviour.

Mumbai rains

On the other hand Mumbai is experiencing heavy rains in this monsoon, but we are not able to save the rain ! 

If you are still averse to the Toilet to Taps idea of future water supplies, we must read the storm warnings in the sky early, let’s look at SUDS- Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions seriously and save the rain!

What is a importance of clean water storage in our life ?

Why to select stainless steel water tank ?



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