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Best Stainless Steel Water Tanks

70+ Years of Experience in only Manufacturing Stainless Steel Water Tanks,

One of the prominent global companies ensuring trusted water supply to our valuable clients 

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Stainless Steel Water Tank - BELTECNO

India's Top Stainless Steel Panel Tank Manufacturer. Backed with Advanced Japanese Technology. 

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Connecting Water to Life!

About Us

Beltecno India Pvt Ltd is a Japanese multinational company, manufacturing stainless steel tanks in India since 2009. Its manufacturing facility is located at Neemrana in Rajasthan with HO in Gurugram and one branch office in Pune.

With over 70 years of experience in Japan and decades in India, we are committed to a world of sustainable progress and enduring results Through Innovative Japanese Technology, we are today addressing market needs in the area of water storage for industrial and commercial  Applications.
Continuous R&D, innovation, technology, and sustainability at the edge of Japanese Excellence are key focus areas for us globally. We ensure our products and manufacturing standards par excellence with Japanese Technology which makes our operations as one of the global benchmarks in terms of processes and delivered productivity.

Our stainless steel tanks especially panel tank add value because of its custom design i.e. capacity, internal partition along with insulation for hot & cold water storage built with advanced Japanese technology and aesthetic design.

Beltecno’s commitment is to improve the Quality of Life for people living all over the world, by solving water and water storage-related problems and the continuous improvements and development of our products to meet the challenges day by day.

“Water” is the most important natural resource which supports people’s lives.

Rapid urbanization and industrialization, have become emerging issues with respect to water usage. Beltecno is assertively involved in this matter to ensure the delivery of “clean, safe, and hygienic water” to the world.


BELTECNO Japan Headquarters

BELTECNO Corporation.

4F Nishiki Center Building, 3-5-27 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya Aichi 460-0003 Japan

WEB ( Japanese) : http://www.beltecno.co.jp

India Factory address : 

SP-2-23 New Industrial Complex (Majrakath),

Japanese Zone, Neemrana,

Alwar, Rajasthan 301705

Tel: +91-149-4660201



President : Mr. Kiyokazu Tamura

Incorporated: 18th June 2009

Establishment Capital: 32 crore 

Company Registration Number :

Tax reference Number : AADCB8011C

VAT Number: 08400703340

ISO : 9001:2015 ISO 9001_200*200.jpg

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Our USPs

50+ Years of Experience

7500+ Customers Served

50,000+ Tanks Built

450+ Employees

10 Factories & 14+ Offices


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