Message from the President

" We contribute to the better life of people around the world by proposing a system that can store water “cleanly and hygienically "

Kazuhiko Takeshita

BELTECNO was founded in 1947 in Japan, as a General Manufacturing Company of Stainless Steel Tanks and its peripheral equipment.
Our mission is to supply clean and hygienic water, a most important element in people's lives. We not only manufacture Tanks made with Stainless Steel materials but also consistently handle sales and maintenance as well.
BELTECNO is one of the top, prominent manufacturing companies in Japan for Stainless Steel Panel Tanks and Stainless Steel Storage Tanks, along with globally advanced technology in this field.
From 2009, with the vision of global expansion, BELTECNO INDIA Pvt. Ltd. was established in India as our first subsidiary company outside Japan.  Beltecno India is located in Neemrana, Alwar District, Rajasthan State. At present, our Neemrana factory supplies our products to various places in India, as well as in Asia. Our commitment is to improve the Quality of Life for people living all over the world, by solving water and water storage related problems worldwide and to continue to meet the challenges day by day.

Water is an essential element for the existence of life, as well to the growth of every Industry.

BELTECNO Technology supports reliability in water supply which is very much an essential resource for the existence of Life and Industry.

“Water” is the most important natural resource which supports people’s lives. Rapid urbanization and industrialization, have become emerging issues with respect to water usage. Beltecno is assertively involved in this matter to ensure delivery of “clean, safe and hygienic water” to the world.

Our service is to propose a system that can solve the water storage related issue, not only to the life of people, such as in residences, commercial facilities, schools, hospital and regional drainage equipment but also to the pharmaceutical sector, beverage plants, hi-tech fields like semiconductor plants and various other plants. Thus, we can say “clean, safe and hygienic water” is the basic foundation (Infrastructure) for the success of every Industry.

The Era of the Demand for Stainless Steel Tanks.

In the sector of water storage tanks, major changes have been observed over time. Instead of conventional concrete and FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastic) tanks, rapid changes in preference to Stainless Steel Tanks have been acknowledged where, as a result, Beltecno’s product is prioritized in Japan.

The reason behind the Stainless Steel Tank is due to its excellent characteristics. The standard conditions of the water storage tank are “No Water Leakage” and “Preserving the Quality of Water from Deterioration (pollution/alteration)”. Stainless Steel is an anti-rust or corrosion resistance material, having minimal heat and light transmittance, preventing the breeding of algae and bacteria. In addition, we can also mention other superior characteristics, such as attractive appearance, light weight, very short installation time, excellent durability, earthquake resistance and high recyclability. Because of those characteristics, we cannot only store normal water but can also consider storing other various materials, such as oil and ultra-pure water used in semiconductor plants.

70 years of History and Continued Technological Development for Customers’Demands.

BELTECNO’S manufacturing history has always been about “clean water”. In 1947, Mr. Suzuki founded BELTECNO and he started with the manufacturing of dyeing machines for the textile industry which was the main industry in Japan at that time. Clean water is essential for dyes for yarn and cloth, achieving beautiful colors. As he met the requirements from our customers, the firm provided a dyeing tub made from wood and after that, it was changed to a strong stainless steel one. Furthermore, the firm developed a pressure vessel capable of dyeing at high temperatures.  This was the starting point of BELTECNO’S tank business.

Since then, we are providing the most advanced products as we have always faced customers’ needs sincerely. We have established also, research and development systems for dealing swiftly with trends in technology and materials.

We started to develop and sell the stainless steel tanks in the 1970's, and we are one of the companies which opened up the new market at the earliest time in Japan.

Then, we have also started dealing with heat exchangers from the 1990’s. At the same time, we have served our customers for the utilization of high-efficiency energy.

Development, manufacturing, and sales of our products are supported by welding experts with excellent skills and together with a highly motivated sales staff, result in many innovations based on creativity and inventive ideas.

From Japan to India, Asia, and All Over the World!

BELTECNO built the Neemrana plant in Rajasthan State, India, as the first integrated manufacturing plant outside Japan.  The full-scale operation began in 2015.

We participated in the “INDIA STAINLESS STEEL PIPE EXPO 2016” held on the 15th~16th of July 2016 in New Delhi, India. Our Panel Tank was awarded by the honorable prize of “BEST FABRICATION PRODUCT” at the contest.

Our Neemrana plant provides BELTECNO’S Stainless Steel Tanks with the same manufacturing and inspection process as in Japan. They are not only exported to India and Nepal but also to Southeast Asia and other countries.

We, BELTECNO, will make even greater efforts to improve our technology for everyone in India, Asia, and all other countries, and thus offer “clean and safe/hygienic water” to people around the world!


Beltecno Corporation


Kazuhiko Takeshita