Why Beltecno’s Stainless Steel Water Tanks?

Since 1947, we are manufacturing stainless steel building equipment. Especially in stainless steel water tanks (Panel tanks and storage tanks), we are the market leader in Japan. Because of our excellent quality & technology along with experience and R&D of decades makes us different from other players in the field of SS tanks. After getting a huge success in Japan we came up globally and offering the same products. Our Stainless steel tanks add value because of its custom design i.e. capacity, internal partition along with insulation for hot & cold water storage with advanced Japanese technology and so on. The beautiful diamond shape on our panels provide structural strength to the whole tank and helps in creating a uniformly distributed load. This protrusion allows using a thinner sheet which makes it lightweight and economic in many aspects.
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Customized Water Storage Solution for Industrial Application

Beltecno, being the best Stainless Steel Tank manufacturers in India provides high quality tanks for water supply in various industries, because when setting up a new factory, A customized reservoir tank installation is very important. The level of hygiene control will be totally dependent on tank and its material.

Being a prominent SS water tank manufacturer, we assure you that by choosing a tank made of stainless steel will be hygienic and very easy to customize according to the end user requirement. 

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Store Water In Its Natural Form 

Stainless steel water tanks holds a property to keep water in its natural form. In so many Industrial applications its essential to supply water in purest form. 

Equal attention to detail should be paid in regard to the water storage tank. By choosing Stainless Steel Tanks, not only the safety level of water rise but the appearance of buildings will also improve.

If you are considering Industrial water tanks, Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are highly recommended choice that will enhance the environment and best sustainable option. 

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks



Beltecno manufactures both vertical and horizontal stainless steel storage tanks.

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Stainless Steel

Panel Tanks



Fully Welded Stainless steel panel tanks are constructed using a combination of thinly pressed panels.

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Plate Heat Exchangers



Our plate heat exchangers consist of stainless steel corrugated metal plates, ideal for heat transfer.

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Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd.
Pune (Maharashtra) India.
Application :Treated Water Storage Tank
"Absolutely perfect product"
Mr. Vikas Jadhav
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Happy Forgings Ltd.

Ludhiana (Punjab) India


Application : Process Cooling Tanks

"I have already recommended your tank to many people"


 Mr. Rajesh Mahajan


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JV of Boeing India PVT. Ltd. & TAL manufacturing solutions Nagpur, India.


Application : Drinking Water Storage Tank

"The quality is very good. All our staff was satisfied with the tank’s finish"

Mr. K.V. Raman

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Best Fabrication Award  




BELTECNO's Stainless Steel Panel Tank received the BEST FABRICATION PRODUCT award at the INDIA STAINLESS STEEL PIPE EXPO in 2016.



We are an ISO certified multinational company and  According to ISO regulations, we maintain quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Beltecno is becoming the first choice for industries, business houses, and among all those end-users who are looking for a durable and hygienic water tank for their business.

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