Stainless Steel a Wonder Material for Water Storage


Storage of water has been one of the concerns since the beginning of the civilizations, various versions of storage units both in small scale to large scale for communities were evident. Usage of copper containers, earthen pots, bamboo containers, stone tanks, cement tanks were familiar but most of them had an issue w.r.t water storage.

Chances of breakage and durability was a major concern for earthen pots, bamboo containers/tanks will degrade and allows algae to from making it unfit to use until it is cleaned, stone and cement container have similar problem of formation of algae, but they are also very heavy to move and replace. The quality of water will also differ from one storage method to other. To overcome the difficulties of storage, transportation and distribution of water, Stainless Steel (SS) was used and it’s been in market since 3 to 4 decades.



Need for Stainless Steel?


1. Water Quality:

Most of the materials we discussed have influence of base material of tank being leached into the water which is a major disadvantage

  1. Traces of copper and plastics can easily be observed (clinically) changing the parameters of water that is being stored.
  2. Water from earthen, cement and stone pots will influence the taste, color and odor.
  3. Formation of algae will be evident when we use these tanks.

Usage of Stainless Steel water tanks will not influence any parameters of water, the life of water stored is longer compared to other tanks, leaching of Iron, Chromium, Nickel or other constituents of SS will be negligible when water is stationed for more than 48 Hours, which makes SS an inactive material and explores more applicability’s.

2. Manufacturability and Scaling:

  1. Stainless Steel material can be used to scale from a small water bottle to Millions of liters of tanks.
  2. Beltecno uses superior SS grade for manufacturing Tanks,
  3. Modular approach allows user to fit for any application and are available in various capacities with zero installation hassles. Whereas the flexibility for scaling and manufacturing would really be tough for other materials, availability of SS sheets, rods, angles makes the manufacturing very simple and modular. Any shape or design can be manufactured.

3. Life: 

Stainless Steel material is corrosion resistant which means it lasts long even when it is subjected to water and other harsh climatic conditions, henceforth the value for money always be an asset. These tanks need minimal maintenance of cleaning. Whereas other materials need to replaced very often or they have high and expensive maintenance cycles.

4. Cost:  

Extended life cycles with very minimal maintenance will always be less expensive when we estimate it for complete life of the tank rather than momentary. Due to less recurring costs and maintenance it seems that SS water tanks are always cost effective. High installation costs are also not involved in the design making it very simple and affordable for any environment.

Most of the market segments are slowly moving towards use of Stainless-Steel tanks for process and storage, due to various advantages compared to other methods including wonderful corrosion resistance property, modular, easy installation and maintenance, cost effective, passive material, long usage cycle and easily scalable. Beltecno’s efforts to provide the best, smart and affordable solution is commendable. 

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