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Why Stainless Steel Tanks?

Stainless Steel Tanks are hygienic, anti-corrosion, quake resistance, highly durable and maintenance free. Due to these features Stainless Steel  tanks  are highly recommended in Japan by Japanese Government. Beltecno Stainless Steel Tanks are very much popular in Japan since1968. Thus we are ready to take initiative for serving our Stainless Steel Tanks globally, build by Japanese technology and excellent quality. We hope people will be aware of the value of hygienic water using for day to day life.

3 Benefits of Stainless Steel Tanks

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Stainless Steel Tanks are made by food grade material which maintains the quality of water in natural form. As well light cannot pass on Stainless Steel Tanks so free from chemical reactions and water contamination.
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Quick Installation

All the panels are processed on manufacturing plant and carried to the working site. After proper arrangement, tanks are installed in minimal time period i.e. quickly by highly skilled welders under the supervision of Japanese technical expert.
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Best Value of Investment

Compared with other tanks.
Highly durable with free from maintenance cost and recyclable in nature thus the overall cost is tremendously low in long run which justifies the value of investment.

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As these benefits were greatly valued, Stainless Steel Tanks are more prioritized in Japan. And BELTECNO boasts TOP share in Japan.
These are the reasons why our Stainless Steel Tanks should be chosen globally.

Steps of buying Beltecno Diamond Tanks


1. Inquiry of Tanks

Keep the tank specification ready for raising the inquiry. Please fill the specification from below button

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2. Tank Specification and Quotation

Once the specification is received our sales team will process the tank quotation along with warranty and other T&C.

3. Purchase order and Drawing Approval

Further to agreed T&C and tank commercials we require a purchase order and approved drawing from customer to proceed.

4. Manufacturing and Inspection

Once the drawing is approved and manufacturing instruction is issued, Manufacturing takes place and further to this we usually give inspection call to our customers

5. Tank Dispatch

Once the customer inspection is done we dispatch the tank as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions



Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

Stainless Steel Panel Tanks are unique and beautiful design, also can be customize according to customer demands from small to huge capacities.
Why not choose our Stainless Steel Panel Tanks?


Recommended place / use

  • Government Projects
  • A large facility such as business complexes
  • Pharmaceutical and Beverage Factories / Hospitals / Hotels/ Residential projects


Customer Testimonial

Ajinomoto Engineering Corporation "BELTECNO delivered their tanks faster than I thought"


sspt-1.jpg8000L Panel Tank.jpgssst_06.jpg

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Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

As it is assembled by using top class Japanese technology and welding experts, the quality is different. Why not choose our stainless steel panel tanks?

Recommended place / use

  • Pharmaceutical and Beverage Factories / Hospitals / Hotels/ Residential and Business complexes
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Heat Exchangers

They are set up as peripheral equipment of the tanks.

Recommended place / use

  • A large facility such as Business complexes
  • Pharmaceutical / Beverage / Hospital / Hotel / Residential complexes


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