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Most Common and Dangerous Water Related Diseases that Hit India Every Year

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Water Related DiseasesThe harmful substances that are most harmful to people that are present in water. The water accessible solvent reaches to anyone at any time. Water contamination is harmful to the individuals people who are having low immunity power. this might feel you sick and causes numerous diseases. There are differing kinds of waterborne diseases are as follows.


Malaria is usually caused disease which causes largely because of water. The mosquitoes breed that's at the stagnant water produces an oversized range of female anopheles mosquitoes. the main causes of protozoal infection are anopheles mosquito bites.


The sickness symptoms are such that shivering fever, body ache, sweating, nausea and physiological reaction. This malady ought to be treated at the proper time, otherwise, the person can have a scenario of high life risk. Thus, an individual ought to take care, if you're affected with malaria are going to be treated and lookout of your surroundings with stagnant water, wherever the mosquitos are largely encouraged.


Cholera is caused by very dehydrated and weakness in the patients. The one who is suffering from this illness feels nausea, vomit sensation and frequent stools. this can be caused due to the infectious disease bacteria. Generally, it happens because of the sewage water, once mixed with drinking water. The people who drink this mixed water can have an effect on with cholera. you should use caution in drinking water and make certain that they're filtered. individuals should watch out largely during rainy seasons as it might attack easily and quickly. This ends up in the areas that are underdeveloped.

Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever may be a common fever, headache, loose motions, vomit and bloating. this can be as a result of some microorganism, that is known as enterobacteria. The person become extremely weak and is prone to the infection that ought to be prolonged tenure of the illness.


Gastroenteritis could be a waterborne disease that happens because of contaminated water. this can be principally seen in people who consume contaminated drinking water. this kind of sickness could have symptoms like nausea, slight fever and vomit sensation.



This can be largely because of the frequent vomit, that additionally ends up in dehydration downside. The person might become sick and tired. Thus, one ought to take care while you are getting to select drinking water.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A affects the person at the liver. This illness makes your liver to be enlarged. The sickness could also be caused due to the bacterium, that is known as hepatitis. this can be principally transmitted through the contaminated drinking water.


The symptoms that you simply will notice for this sort of sickness are fever, jaundice, vomits and nausea. The hepatitis A is prevailing within the assemblage countries where the places that are underdeveloped. you ought to maintain a hygienic at home and your surroundings. One should follow the principles of fresh and green, and conjointly encourage the people that are underdeveloped to keep themselves hygienic.

The person affected with these diseases ought to be treated quickly as they're harmful and generally severe cases result in death. So, as before long as you discover any of those symptoms ought to approach the close doctor and should be treated quickly to recover in early stage.

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