Dive into Types of Industrial Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are important for lots of different jobs. They help store water for things like farms, factories, and houses. There are many kinds of water tanks out there, and it's important to know about them so you can pick the right one.

In this guide, we'll learn all about different types of industrial water storage tanks. We'll talk about where they are and what they're made of. Some tanks are underground, which means they're buried in the ground. They're really strong and save space. Other tanks are above ground, which means you can see them. These are good because you can easily check them and fix any problems.

Water tanks are made from different materials like concrete, stainless steel, fibreglass, and plastic. Each type has its own good points. Concrete tanks last a long time and are tough. Fiberglass tanks are light and don't rust. Plastic tanks are cheap and easy to move around.

Nowadays, being kind to the environment is really important. Water tanks can help with that too! They save water and help protect nature. Using water wisely is good for everyone and helps keep our planet healthy.

Whether you're someone who manages businesses or runs a factory, this guide will help you understand which water tank is best for you. We want to make it easy for you to choose the right one!

So, let's start learning about big water tanks together. It's going to be fun and helpful!

3 Types of Industrial Water Storage Tanks Based on Location

When it comes to water storage tanks, where they're located matters a lot. Let's explore the different types based on their location.

1. Underground Water Storage Tanks

An image showing underground water storage tanks


Underground water storage tanks are large containers or reservoirs that are buried underground to store and manage water for various purposes. These tanks are designed to store water beneath the surface of the Earth, making them a discreet and space-saving solution for water storage. They are commonly used for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Underground water storage tanks are usually the most durable option available. They are built using thick-walled construction materials which make them strong and sturdy. 

However, these tanks are not suitable for all applications, as they need special installation techniques and professional help when it comes to maintenance work. Installation of underground water storage tanks typically involves excavation, proper foundation preparation, and safety measures to ensure the tank's stability and prevent contamination of the stored water. Regular maintenance and monitoring are essential to ensure the tanks remain functional and safe.

2. Overhead Water Storage Tanks

Overhead water storage tanks are large containers or reservoirs that are installed above ground, typically on support structures or elevated platforms. Unlike underground water storage tanks, which are buried in the ground, overhead tanks are visible and placed at an elevated position, often on rooftops or towers.

In areas with inconsistent or unreliable water supply, overhead water storage tanks are crucial for ensuring a continuous water source for daily needs. 

The size of the tank is often chosen based on the water demand of the users it serves and the frequency of water supply interruptions. Overall, overhead water storage tanks are a visible and accessible solution for storing and distributing water.  offering the advantage of gravity-driven water flow and ease of maintenance.

3. Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks

An image showing above-ground water storage tanks

Above-ground water storage tanks are containers or reservoirs designed to hold and store water on the surface rather than being buried underground or elevated on rooftops or towers. These tanks are visible and are placed at ground level or on support structures. They serve various purposes across residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings.

Above-ground water storage tanks offer visibility, accessibility, and flexibility. It is a popular choice for a wide range of water storage applications. The choice between above-ground and other types of water storage tanks depends on factors such as available space, aesthetic considerations, and the specific needs of the user or facility.

You’ll be surprised to know that the stainless steel panel tanks offer better insulation than underground tanks and are very easy to maintain. They come along with the internal and outer ladders as well. 

On the other hand, Beltecno manufactures stainless steel panel tanks that are fit for use as overhead tanks and above-ground tanks for industrial water storage purposes. This type of tank offers many benefits, such as low cost, easy installation, mobility, and flexibility. It provides high levels of security, durability, and safety.

Now let's move ahead and explore the industrial water storage tanks based on the type of material.

Types of Industrial Water Storage Tanks Based on Material

Here are the 5 types of industrial water storage tanks:

1. Concrete Water Storage Tanks

Concrete water storage tanks stand out for their remarkable durability and long-lasting performance. Industries value these tanks highly for their ability to store significant volumes of water, especially when maintaining water quality and ensuring long-term storage is critical.

These tanks find widespread use in various industries where a consistent water supply is essential over extended periods. They are versatile in design, allowing for installation both above and below ground, catering to different operational needs and spatial constraints.

In industrial settings, concrete tanks play a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted water availability, supporting processes that rely heavily on a steady supply of water. Their robust construction makes them well-suited for withstanding harsh environmental conditions and maintaining water integrity over time.

Moreover, concrete tanks offer flexibility in customization to meet specific industry requirements. Whether it's for manufacturing, agriculture, or other industrial applications, these tanks provide a reliable solution for water storage needs, contributing to operational efficiency and sustainability.

2. Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks 

Stainless steel tanks are tough and can be made in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They're handy in industries like making chemicals, processing food, and building things. These tanks are all about keeping water clean and safe. Because they don't rust easily, they last a long time, making them reliable for storing water. Whether it's for big factories or small businesses, stainless steel tanks are flexible and can fit different needs.

They're popular because they make sure the water stays good for whatever it's used for. In places where the quality of water matters a lot, these tanks are the go-to choice. They're trusted for their ability to keep water safe and clean, helping industries keep their processes running smoothly. Stainless steel tanks are the backbone of many industries, ensuring that water quality standards are always met, no matter the task.

 An image showing all sizes of Beltecno stainless steel industrial water storage tanks

To know about more industrial Stainless Steel Water Storage tanks.

3. Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks

An image showing the FRP tank

Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for storing water in industries where the stored water might be chemically aggressive or contain harsh substances. They are lightweight, making transportation and installation more manageable.

4. Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks

An image showing Polyethylene tanks

Polyethylene tanks are widely used due to their cost-effectiveness and chemical resistance. They are often used for storing water in industries such as agriculture and wastewater treatment. These tanks are easy to install and are available in various sizes.

5. Bolted Steel Water Storage Tanks 

An image showing Bolted steel tanks

Bolted steel tanks consist of steel panels bolted together on-site, known for their easy installation and versatility. Industries that need a fast setup find these tanks ideal, as they can be expanded later if necessary. Their modular design allows for flexibility and quick assembly, making them a popular choice for various applications. These tanks offer convenience and adaptability, ensuring efficient water storage solutions for industries with evolving needs.

That's all about the types of industrial water storage tanks. But which one is the right tank for you as per your needs? Let's find it out here.

Which Water Storage Tank is Right For You?

Choosing the perfect industrial water storage tank means tackling trade-offs and challenges. One big trade-off is between cost and durability. Tough materials like concrete and steel last a long time but can be pricey upfront. On the flip side, options like polyethene tanks might be cheaper at first but need more maintenance or replacement later.

Another challenge is flexibility versus customization. Tanks like bolted steel ones can grow with your needs, but they might not meet specific requirements like more specialized tanks can.

Customized Solutions: Beltecno Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

Beltecno India offers customized stainless steel panel tanks tailored to your industry's needs. Share your requirements and get a perfect-fit water storage solution for your business.

Considering Sustainable Options for Different Types of Water Storage Tanks

Thinking about the environment is crucial when picking a water storage tank. Making concrete releases carbon emissions, and some coatings used on steel tanks can harm the environment. Fiberglass and polyethylene tanks, however, last longer and need fewer replacements, reducing their environmental impact.

Making Informed Decisions for Choosing from Different Types of Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are vital for many industries, but the best choice depends on various factors like water quality, size, budget, and installation time. Different industries have different priorities, leading to diverse tank choices. By weighing factors and considering environmental impacts, industries can make smart choices that fit their needs while being eco-friendly.

As technology improves, the world of water storage tanks will keep evolving, becoming more efficient, durable, and eco-friendly.

Beltecno has developed industrial water tanks to meet a variety of requirements.

An image showing the benefits of SS industrial water tanks


Water storage tanks are essential for industries, ensuring a steady water supply for crucial operations. Understanding the different types based on location and material is key to making informed decisions. Whether it's discreet underground tanks or visible above-ground ones, each type has its advantages and challenges.

Considering sustainability is vital too, with options like fiberglass and polyethylene offering eco-friendly choices. Choosing the right tank involves balancing factors like cost, durability, and environmental impact. For reliable, durable, and sustainable water storage solutions, Beltecno India provides customized stainless steel panel tanks tailored to your industry's needs.

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