Why to Choose only Diamond Shape SS Panel Tanks for water storage??

Triangles are everywhere! look around you!! Beltecno's diamond shape is also made from triangles.

Any structure requiring a powerful and rigid construction depends on triangles to attain that goal, although they may not be obvious or perhaps seen for that matter, triangles are at work where strength and rigidity are vital.

Rigid Hexagon

Advantages of this Shape

  • More Strength to the whole structure:

Instead of using diamond shape if we consider flat plate panel, so there are chances of deformation in the structure due to the internal pressure and structural load. Wherein Diamond shape itself work as a reinforcement for the whole structure.It can be easily understood by seeing the below analysis, which is been conducted in ABAQUS tool, that the pressure on the side wall is always on a higher side.

Fltat plate pressure.png

So the benefit of diamond shape water storage panel is self-explanatory, which almost convert the surface load into a point load. 

  • Premium Finish and light weight:

Due to the structural strength of Beltecno's diamond shape Panels its not require to use the conventional thick sheet of SS which nothing but increases the overall weight of whole steructure in normal tanks, and poor for long run. If we take an example of 10 KL tank. 

Flat Panel Tank require minimum 5 mm thick sheet to sustain the structural load which result an increase in price as well as in weight.

At the same place, diamond shape panel only requires 1.5 to 2 mm thick sheet which not only comes cheaper but also light weight to other tanks. 



Beltecno's SS water tank are quake resistant up-to 7.3 Richter scale which, a live test is been conducted in our Japan factory.

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