What'd be your opinion on “Cost of Stainless Steel Tank”?

Perception on stainless steel tanks and its cost!!

The general knowledge on stainless steel tank goes to cylindrical tank, pressure vessels and storage tanks. The concept of stainless steel tank not only limited to these types of tanks. To add the value of the storage system in stainless steel tank categories Beltecno, a Japanese multinational national company had launched the new stainless steel panel tank products. A totally new and unique product in Indian market. Normally, images of panel tank go to FRP or SMC tanks where Beltecno is creating its brand value on stainless steel panel tank in the India and around the globe as well taking initiative on creating a public awareness on hygienic water storage system and the contribution of SS tanks in the storage system.

The common opinion of people on of stainless steel tank is “very high cost”. Though, all know that the price of stainless steel utensil for the household purpose, are also comparatively higher. The major reason for the high cost is due to steel characteristics like excellent hygienic, long life, recycle value, aesthetic in design, durability etc. Likewise, the price of gold, platinum, and diamond is also very high because of its material nature.

How stainless steel tanks justify its price?!


However, the cost of stainless steel tanks is high, but it can justify its cost. I would like to elaborate one example if we are planning to install the concrete tank capacity of 400 KL. Although the initial cost is comparatively low the maintenance cost will be comparatively high because after a certain interval, cracking on concrete tank occurs. Once cracking occurs, frequent maintenance work will be required which increases the cost and finally, in the long run, the total cost of the concrete tank goes very high. The installation period of these tank takes more than half and a year. Along with time-consuming, it will increase the overhead.

Another example is if we are planning to install the overhead concrete tank then, we also have to design the civil foundation accordingly. The strength of civil foundation should be constructed based upon tank weight and capacity leads to design stronger foundation and finally estimated cost goes on the higher side. Similarly, we have to clean the tank periodically as algae, fungus and waste impurities have to be removed to maintain the purity of water. In such cases, cleaning is very difficult in concrete tank, even cleaning is conducted, it will effect on water supply in the communities during the cleaning period. Thus, these are the common issue we are facing regardless we use the concrete water storage system for water supply in cities and villages and industrial purpose.

Thus, various research works had shown that if we want to overcome these issues, stainless steel tanks are the perfect replacement as well comparatively economical on long run. Additionally, the common image of stainless steel tanks cost high is justifiable. Similarly, the installation time for stainless steel tank is shorter by three times compared to the concrete tank which also directly effects on cost. Nevertheless, we take an initiative on choosing the stainless steel panel tanks with acknowledging its characteristics and long run benefits. Only considering the initial cost and ignoring the future troubles and high maintenance cost, it would be compromising and unappropriated decision.

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