What all are the major handling instructions of stainless steel panel tanks? Part-2

In continuation to our last blog What all are the major handling instructions of stainless steel panel tanks? Part-1 

Today we are going to cover stainless steel panel tank's major maintenance management procedures. so that it will become easy for end users to provide guidance to their maintenance staff. 

Main things to remember regarding maintenance of stainless steel panel tanks.

1. Precautions and Check List for Maintenance.

It is important to conduct regular maintenance to retain the tank with better performance and long-term operation, and to prevent the accident. Kindly refer the below table of precautions and check list for maintenance. It is necessary to check the all parts in the checklist then if there is any failure, it has to be implemented appropriate measures.


Name of Parts


Check List




Outside Ladder

・Caution with falling down the ladder.

        (Especially in wet condition)

・Built the fence around the tank to keep

     “PRIVATE” if there is possibility avoid

     children climb the tank.


Check corrosion, attached loose bolts/Month


Inside Ladder

Caution with falling down the ladder.

       (Especially in wet condition)

Check welded spot, attached loose bolts/Month







・Do not lose or drop down removable manhole.

・Lock the manhole cover.

・Caution with falling down form manhole.

・Caution with the hot air, when you open the

     Manhole. (e.g. Hot storage tank high

     temperature inside of the tank)



Check hinge, opening and closing the cover/Month


Insect screen

(Ventilator, Overflow)


Caution with clogging and damage.



Ball- Shaped Tap,

Liquid-level controller





Operating check/Month


Anchor Bolt

Check the loose bolt or rust.








・Refer Precaution Cleaning. (click here)

・Refer Cleaning Inside and Outside of the Tank.(click here)


If the building has private water supply system under indication of the Health Administration law, Check more than/Year regularly


Ceiling of the Tank

Caution for slipping or falling on the ceiling


2. Precautions to take while Cleaning the tank.

Regular cleaning of the tank has to be done yearly under the Health Administration Law of the building.

Before the cleaning, it is necessary to confirm that there is no infectious disease or bacterial carrier. Workers have to clean limb and use immaculate cleaning tools.

  • Cleaning has to be done by licensed company for cleaning of drinking water tank. After cleaning, sterilize the inside of the tank and water quality survey has to be conducted.

5        Joints

Stainless steel Panel tank after cleaning and manhole provided to go inside easily .

  • When workers clean inside of the tank, it is necessary to provide adequate ventilation.
  • When workers clean inside and outside of the tank, use the brash made by nylon, stainless or wire.

※If cleaning is done by iron cleaning tools, it causes rust by attaching iron on the wall of the tank so, be cautious.

  • Cleaning Tools
  1. Protective equipment(goggle・mask・high boots)
  2. Nylon brash
  3. Stainless wire-brash(paddle)
  4. Stainless steel surface preparation agent

3. Cleaning of Inside and Outside of the Tank.

Conduct periodic inspections of inside and outside of the tank monthly, and recommend early detection of failure and implement appropriate measures.

  • Cleaning of Inside of the Vapor Part
  1. Scrub by nylon brash to clean. Especially, clean carefully border (flange) and four corners of the tank ceiling.
  2. If there is area of discoloration, rub up until coming up the stainless surface.
  3. It leads re-shape of passive coating by oxygen reaction.
  4. Rinse with water properly after cleaning.
  • Cleaning of Liquid-Phase Part
  1. Same as the vapor part, scrub by nylon brash to clean.
  2. If it was not able to clean sediment, rust or lump which come from feed water inlet, remove them by stainless wire-brash(paddle).
  3. If there is area of discoloration, rub up until coming up the stainless surface.
  4. Rinse with water properly after cleaning.
  • Unable to Clean Area of Discoloration by Stainless Wire-BrashPaddle)
  1. Use stainless steel surface preparation agent to remove easily and it rises
    lasting passive coating. (Follow the manual of stainless-steel surface preparation agent when use).
  • Exterior Cleaning for Outside of Inside Installation Tank.
  1. Wipe by cloth properly
  2. Caution with air ventilation
  • Exterior Cleaning for Outdoor Installation Tank

    Use kitchen detergent to clean attached exogenous material in case of dirtiness.

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