Tank installed in food processing industry

In this blog, we would like to introduce the Beletcno stainless steel panel tanks used in food processing industries in Japan. We have made these specially featured tanks, like a system where tanks are partitioned into three different chambers for purification purpose. Thus, the system can be built on a single tank for purifying water, used in food processing company.

According to the customer requirements, we can propose a system inside the tanks to the supply safe and hygienic water. As well we can make an insulated tank so that its normal temperature can be maintained even though on snowfall reason/cold reason.

 Process Flow

The tanks are partitioned into three different chambers and the process flow goes as mentioned below:
  • First Chamber (Red line): Filled groundwater is mixed with a chemical in the first chamber and stirred properly.
  • Second Chamber (Yellow line): Precipitated water is filtered through sand.
  • Third Chamber (Green line): Completes the water purification process and stored in the third chamber

Top view.png                     Back Side View                                           Top side view                                                                                           Back side view                     


Overall view.png                                                                                          Overall view

Thus, Beltecno proposes the system and customise the steel tanks according to customer requirements with Japanese technology and excellent quality where the customer can store pure and hygienic water used in food processing industries.

If you have any queries or requirements, please feel free to contact or drop us an email on a.pokhrel@beltecnoindia.com   Download Brochure  

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