Stainless Steel Tank and its degree of recognition in India. What will be your Imagination on Stainless Steel!!!!


Stainless Steel is a not a single specific material, named to a group of corrosion resistance steel alloys containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This is the main reason which makes Stainless Steel a corrosion resistance. It is also a food grade material. The average general knowledge of Stainless Steel products in India is all about the kitchen products like Knife, bowl, rice-plates, spoons, fork etc. The use of Stainless Steel has not only limited to these type of kitchen products. The advantage of Stainless Steel material has been fully utilized in the industrial sector on various applications, similarly on automotive sector too.


The above graph shows that the consumption of Steel on various industries in each fiscal year at an Indian market.

The use of Stainless Steel products in a various developed country has been the common practice due to hygienic nature. In Japan also Stainless Steel and its products are heavily utilized in industrial applications and as well on water storage system. Most of the water reservoir tanks are of Stainless steel. The government itself is focusing and recommended to use Stainless Steel water tanks. The main reason behind this usage is hygienic, anti-rust, quake resistance and aesthetic design.

Water Tanks


The use of stainless steel drinking water tanks is rarely found in India. The era has changed to think from hygienic points of view rather than cost. Along with the economic development in India, people’s Living standard is also increasing and more concern is noticed on sanitary rather than cost. We all know that water is the very much essential element in day to day life which should be hygienic and every people has right to access a pure drinking water. Thus Beltecno India proposes the system that can store water in natural form and can maintain the quality of water for a long time hygienically. Installation of these type of stainless steel tanks can also be taken as an investment.

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On next blog, we will discuss on an application of stainless steel tank in Japan and India.

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