Large Volume Tanks Are Significant in Pharmaceutical Production. Beltecno Global Is a Pioneer in Manufacturing Panel Tanks in India.

Over the last few decades, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid expansion, which may be divided into four stages. We can consider the time before 1970 as the first stage of the pharma industry. At that time, the Indian market was dominated by foreign companies.

The second stage covers 1970 to 1990 when several domestic companies began operations. 1990 to 2010 is the third stage, where liberalization led Indian components to launch operations in foreign countries.

Water Has a Huge Impact on Pharma Production.

Companies in India have started to adjust their product development methods to the modern environment. The pharma companies in India are adopting global pharma production techniques, water is one of the major commodity and plays a vital role in the Indian pharma industry. Beltecno-global is a major solution provider to store water in huge quantities.  

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Meeting the Needs of Today's Market Demand Stainless Steel Panel Tanks Are Best in Quality.

The importance of stainless steel water tank is very high if it's a matter of hygiene, this itself shows how stainless steel adopted the various sectors year by year and the demand increased in past few years. 

Beltecno-global is one of the major companies in the world, manufacturing customized stainless steel panel tanks.

bccc4f42-a15e-4995-98ea-580437610258 Stainless steel panel tank to be installed at Serum Institute of India.

Large Volume Tanks

If the water is treated but not stored in reliable and hygienic water storage, all efforts and money go to waste, Stainless steel panel tanks are committed to saving efforts, time, and money!


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