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Stainless Steel Panel Tank

In this blog, I would like to introduce our stainless steel panel tanks that have been installed in the Kobe National University Corporation, Japan. We have installed two different size tanks, capacity 105KL (3,000× 7,000× 5,000H) and 420KL (7,000×12,000× 5,000H). The design for the 420KL tank was along with pump room. The water tanks were painted with green colour to match with the surrounding greenery.

Steel Panel Tank

These types of the tank are very much suitable to be installed in public places like normal parks, national parks, holy places etc. According to the surrounding, tanks can be painted to match the colour. Similarly, for kindergartens and schools usage, tanks can be painted with cartoons and other popular animated characters to make more attractive, funny and eye-catching.

Hence, Beltecno is assertively involving to serve our valuable customers with best possible solutions along with unique design panels, assembled with TIG welding on different capacities tanks ranging from 1KL to 10000KL on different designs.

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