Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Beltecno's SS Panel Tank

  • How does Beltecno’s tank is different from others?

We are specialized in making only SS  water tanks from last 50 years having 12 factories and 13 global offices, our R&D teams keep on doing innovations in SS tanks. We are serving two types of tanks in Indian market 1) Panel type ss tanks 2) Cylindrical type storage tanks

  • Will I get the installation support from your side?

As of now we are offering factory assembled tanks which are easy to install, we provide installation manual along with tank, yes on special request we can depute our engineer as well for more details our support team can help you in this matter.

  • What would be the per litre cost of your tank?

Per litre cost vary in terms of size and material grade please fill the basic details of your tank by clicking below link and get the best price of your tank

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  • How do I maintain the cool/Hot water inside the tank?

We provide glass wool insulation to solve this problem, its available with both Aluminium as well as SS cover. The shape of insulation cove would be same as panel. (Diamond embossed shape)

  • What all are the applications of Beltecno’s tank?

Beltecno’s tanks are very popular into industrial segment apart from that we have also supplied our tanks in healthcare, pharma, residential/commercial, institutional projects and water treatment industry.


  • What is the durability of Beltecno’s tank?

Durability is very high.

  • How does this tank is better than plastic or concrete?

In so many factors i.e. Hygiene, total cost of ownership is high, easy to maintain, customized, appearance and aesthetic design etc.

  • When did your company started its operations in India?

Since 2009, we are in India but started production and sales from December, 2016.

  • What is the delivery time of tanks?

After techno commercial clearance from customer side it takes 45 to 60 days to manufacture the tank again it depends in the size and technicality of the tank.

  • What is the warranty of tanks?

We provide one-year manufacturing warranty on tanks, for more details on warranty please get in touch with our support team.

  • What material grade should be good for me? & What all SS grades you deal in?

It all depends on end use of the tank, we are supplying tanks in SS 304 and SS 316L grade on special request we also provide special grades but delivery time may vary depends on the availability of the material.

  • Have you ever supplied your tank in government departments?

Yes, we installed Beltecno’s SS tank in Asia’s biggest and India’s first convertible Stadium “The Arena (Ahmadabad)”, it was constructed under Public private partnership of Government of Gujarat and SE TransStadia.

  • Is there any advantage of Diamond shape?

Diamond shape in our tanks represent the purity of Beltecno’s tank along with, its major advantage is we need not to worry for surface related issues, i.e. deformation, bulging etc. diamond shape provide a good structural strength to the tank and work as a reinforcement to the whole structure, which makes our tanks lighter in weight as thick sheet is not required, its light weight increase the durability of the product. Apart from all this it also reflects heat and looks beautiful.

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  • Can I install this tank underground?

So far we have not installed any underground panel tanks, its again depends on customer’s choice and application.

  • What is the maximum capacity of panel tank and cylindrical tank?

In Cylindrical type tanks we manufacture up to 10 KL (10,000 Ltr) and In Panel tank from 1 KL to transportable size as of now. 

  • What is the biggest tank you supplied in India?

In India we installed biggest size of 180 KL (1,80,000 Ltr.) in Industrial application.

  • Do we get any after sales support from Beltecno?

Yes, we have support team to assist you in all tank related information. Below are the contact details.

                                                                Gurgaon office - +91-124-4016439
                                                                    Pune Office - +91-20-67235908
  • Can you install this tank on site due to space constraint?

Normally we deal in pre-fabricated tanks, but depends on the project location and size of the tank we may install the tank at site as well.

  • Will it be there any leakage in the tank in future?

We will provide you the leak test report along with the tank, it all depends on the usage and handling of the tank.

  • What type of quality test you conduct on tanks before supplying them?

We will perform various tests like, leak test/ air blow test, water hold test and dimensional test.

  • Will you be doing the civil foundation work as well for us?

No, we will only supply the tank at site, regarding civil foundation its size we provide during drawing and designing phase. 

  • What type of insulation you provide in tanks?

We provide the glass wool insulation available in 25 mm to 100 mm thickness.

  • Will I get the level indicator/ auto cut function in the tank?

Yes on special request we provide the level indicator in additional cost, for auto cut feature we can only provide the socket

  • How do I clean the tank?

It easy to maintain, we provide a Manhole and outer as well as inside ladder, Beltecno’s SS tanks are very easy to access due to these features. Cleaning process is very easy, follow the below blog for more information on cleaning process.

  • Do I need the SS piping only for this tank?

We recommend to use SS piping. It depends on the media and application of tank.

  • Do you have any dealers in different parts of India?

No, we don’t have dealers and channel partners, we only do direct sales because of the customized nature of the product. 

  • How this tank is hygienic?

Bacteria/algae formation is not there in SS water tanks, due to this property its hygienic in nature and stored water will be in its original form even in long period.


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