Food Processing Industries and Importance of Stainless Steel.

Since ancient times food processing is followed by families to preserve food through salt preservation, fermentation, and sun drying methods.  At present time same food processing is a huge industry and facing various technological advancements and processing methods with the help of various equipment and high tech machinery.

Food processing is a billion-dollar industry and playing a key role in the improvement of food production. 

Why Stainless Steel is Important?

Stainless steel comes in multiple grades, identified by the percentages of the alloys used in the production of stainless steel. These certain alloy combinations are more durable than other alloys. Because of this, it is very important to use a proper material grade in the food processing industry.

Stainless steel tanks are one of the most common choices in food processing and manufacturing plants because the qualities of stainless steel are unmatched in regard of Hygiene function, protecting food from bacteria formation, and other storage-related processes.


As we know stainless steel is very hard to corrode, and depending on the alloy percentages, is highly rust-resistant. Stainless steel panel tanks made by Beltecno do not leak and avoid other particles to mix into stored food products in it. It will not add or take any flavors from the food, neither it will leave behind any toxins and unwanted chemicals.

Stainless steel is also known for its good conductivity, which helps in transferring heat according to the requirement, and it is very easy to regulate the temperatures compare to other materials. It is an extremely useful feature of stainless steel specifically for food processing. 

Why Food Grade Tanks are important?

The FDA has very strict regulations for food handling and processing to ensure that all products are sanitary and free from unwanted bacterial growth. Any company that handles fruits, meats, milk, or vegetables needs reliable water tanks for storing freash water and fluids.

Beltecno India

Whether there is need of storing bulk water for industrial processing Stainless steel panel tanks are one of the most reliable tanks for longest period of time, food-grade stainless steel tanks are becoming best choice among food processing industries.

At Beltecno we can manufacture customized Stainless steel panel tanks to meet your requirments.


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