Applications of Stainless Steel Tanks in Japan and India.

What'd be the Possible Applications of Stainless Steel Tank?!

BELTECNO is a Japanese multinational company focused in manufacturing stainless steel tanks. It was established in 1947, in Japan. It started manufacturing the stainless steel tanks from 1978. Beltecno is committed to improve the quality of lives of the people all over the world. It concentrates in solving the water-related problems, globally, as well as continuing to meet the challenges day by day.

The applications of stainless steel products in Japan and India are discussed below. 

In Japan

All overJapan, use of stainless steel tanks is a common practice as the people are aware of its characteristics. We, at Beltecno, are proudly maintaining its position as an industry leader in Japan and our stainless steel tanks are popular in the following sectors.

  • Government Facilities
  • Business Complex
  • Apartments
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Beverage and Food Processing Company. 

キリン仙台.jpg                                    Stainless Steel Panel Tank installed at Kirin Beer Factory, Japan.

  • FMCG
  • Hospitals/Schools
  • Water Purification Industries

Conceptualization of Stainless Steel Tank

During my stay in Japan, I noticed that most of the facilities for public water storage system in the Department of Water Supply use the stainless steel tanks. I rarely sighted the concrete tanks and a very few Fibre Reinforcement Plastic (FRP) tanks. The government's focus and recommendation are to replaced any other water storage system with stainless steel tanks because of its superior characteristics. They are deemed to be hygienic, excellent durability, quake resistance, light-weighted, minimum installation-time, aesthetic design and high recyclability. 

 Stainless Steel Panel Tank                           Stainless Steel Panel Tank of 2856KL installed at City Water Supply at Saitama, Japan.

 The application of stainless steel tanks can be seen from apartments, industries to government facilities. According to World Steel Association, the consumption of steel in Japan is almost similar to in India, even though the area of Japan is ten times smaller. Hence, the popularity of Steel is very high in Japan.  

 In India

Beltecno India was established in 2009 and has been manufacturing stainless steel tanks since December 2015. The outstanding achievement in the Japanese market, leaded Beltecno to establish the first international subsidiary company in India as  Beltecno India Pvt. Ltd., with a vision of global expansion.  Beltecno India serves the people with the same quality of stainless steel tanks as in Japan.

In India,  maximum numbers of government facilities use concrete and a few FRP tanks for storing water. In my experiences of visiting north to south and east to west, in India most of the places have concrete and FRP tanks installed in government facilities as well as industrial sectors. 

Its right time now that we become aware of the characteristic of stainless steel tanks and enter in an era where all the government, commercial and public sectors to use stainless steel tanks. Though the consumption in the industrial sector is relatively moderate but as per World Steel Association, it should be ten times higher than the ratio of consumption in Japan. 

The potential application of our products, in a different sector of India, are mention below.

  • Government Projects  

Ahamedabad.jpg                       Stainless Steel Tank of 54KL installed at TRANSSTADIA in Ahmedabad, India

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Brewery and Distillery Units
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Hospitals/School/Hotels
  • Business Complex
  • Process Industries/Cement Plants

Beltecno India proposes the system that resolves the water storage related problems and creates an oasis on earth. Along with the rapid economic development of India, consumption of steel would definitely increase with public consciousness and its benefits. An era would come when the hygienic and safety of human would matter more than the cost to maintain it. The right to drink pure and hygienic water should be prioritized by the government and other industrial sectors too.Thus, general public awareness would lead to accepting the system proposed by Beltecno India and our motto that is 'Right to access the hygienic water by every person'.

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In our next blog, we would be discussing on 'Why Beltecno Stainless Steel Tanks?!'

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