Smart Cities like Dholera near Ahmedabad, Gujarat India, Focusing on Smart Water Storage and Water Supply Models

Development of India’s one of very prestigious and first smart city Dholera a 920 Square kilometer project which would be twice of the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai, China is implementing world-class advanced technologies. Also this smart city would be the hub of global trading and manufacturing activities.

Smart City Dholera

India’s 1st Greenfield Industrial smart city

In phase 1 development of Dholera, effective water supply is a primary and most crucial agenda to be full filed

Potable water (water for drinking and other human purposes) is the basic essential requirement for any development. A water treatment plant (WTP) has been planned in Dholera SIR Area to receive and treat the raw water.


WTP will provide the basic requirement of potable water for the industrial, residential, commercial and other developments in Activation area, and eventually the Phase-I development of the DSIR. [1]

Dholera smart city is ready to take-off so Beltecno!

Dholera is one of top projects in list of PM Modi and stakeholders all across the globe coming forward to take this project on its heights so Beltecno is also ready to full fill the demand of stainless steel water tanks for this prestigious project.


We are welcoming consultants and project coordinators to get in touch with us to assist you in finalizing of effective and hygienic stainless steel water storage tanks.

As per the CEO of Dholera Special Investment Region Development Authority (DSIRDA) Mr. Jai Prakash Shivhare, Initiation area of 22.5 Km would be ready by September 2019

Tap Water would be drinkable in Dholera smart city!


"Dholera will have about 11 % of open green area which will be the largest in the country, 10 % of the area would be for residential purposes and reserved for housing for the economically weaker sections (EWS). The tap water will be drinkable," Shivhare said. [2]


How Beltecno helping building smart cities and smart industries in India?


Beltecno came to India in 2009 and established Its 15th Stainless steel water tank manufacturing factory out from Japan with a vision to contribute in making India free from water contamination by supporting in supplying high quality and hygienic stainless steel water tanks for multiple projects i.e. Commercial, Industrial, Smart city and residential projects.  





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