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Climate Change and Water Resources! What is the Impact?

[fa icon="calendar"] June 20, 2019 at 4:00 PM / by Ankur Verma

Ankur Verma

Climate change and water resources! What is the IMPACT?

A sudden swift in climatic conditions are affecting water resources dramatically, yes today we are talking about climate change.

During this summer in India we are experiencing heatwaves and temperature going up to 50 degrees in few places. Which is a matter of concern, increase in temperature is continually disturbing the weather cycle all around the globe.

Every year climate change causes the major and extreme weather events like floods in so many places in India. Economic development is somewhere connected with the climate change and global warming.

Temperature of our planet is rising day by day due to exploitation of our all natural resources i.e. Trees, Water bodies, Forests etc. Destruction of the environment could lead to major issues globally.

Climate is changing!

As per the report from climate central, Year 2018 was 4th hottest year on records [1]

Climate Change Impact

Source - NOAA/NCEI Climate at a glance Date as of 2/6/2019

While as per the American metrological society study report [2], year 2016 was the warmest year recorded globally and whole Asian region was hit by a massive heat wave, also in that same year ocean waters warming took place in Alaska, certainly having something common in between these two events, were not usual.

CO2 emission from last one decade in atmosphere on its peak could be one of the biggest contributors. due to which these devastated weather events are taking place.

Impact of Climate change on water resources of India

India is called a country of rivers from ancient time, Country is having almost twenty major river basins and due to high consumption, wastage of water in various applications like Industrial, residential and agricultural areas from last few decades, these river basins are struggling with water stress.

Water polution

Year 2017 was the warmest winter recorded with almost no rainfall. Where country is already experiencing water scarcity, there is a need of some extraordinary steps on urgent basis in the area of water supply system and in mitigation of water wastage.

Beltecno India is open for collaborations  

Since 2009 Beltecno has already built a reputation in Indian water segment, Manufacturing huge capacity of hygenic Stainless steel water storage tanks ,  bringing the technology from Japan with a vision to improve the water supply system and water storage of India.


We are ready to collaborate with Engineering companies, Institutions and Individuals from India who are actively working towards clean water initiative and fighting against water pollution.

[1] https://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/graphics/the-10-hottest-global-years-on-record

[2] https://insideclimatenews.org/news/13122017/extreme-weather-heat-harvey-climate-change-attribution-american-meteorological-society

For more details on Beltecno's Stainless steel water tanks download our brochure from below link. 

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Ankur Verma

Written by Ankur Verma

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