Beltecno Is One of the Largest Suppliers of SS Industrial Panel Tanks in India.

New factory setup, expansion, or replacement of old storage tanks, Stainless steel panel tanks are spreading strong roots into the industrial segment. 

In the era of smart factories and Industrial corridors, it become a need for smart solutions in each area same are applicable to various water applications and management inside the factories. Water plays an important role in the smooth operation of industries.  

Water Applications Industry Wise

It does not matter what we are manufacturing, water has always been a key factor in the production of any equipment, machinery, component, or product. Today we are taking a few basic applications of water inside the factory. 

Water as Supply Water for Manpower

Working manpower requires a good amount of water for their daily use and factories or special economic zones make sure the quality of supply water should be optimum in all standards, which makes it contamination-free and safe to use. 



If the water is treated but not stored in reliable and hygienic water storage, all efforts and money go to waste, Stainless steel panel tanks are committed to saving efforts, time, and money!

Water as an Ingredient   

Products such as beverages, food items, dairy products, paper, paints, medicines, etc., use water as the main ingredient where the quality of water is very important all other ingredients are at other side and water is another side. 

tank2 Industrial Panel Tanks

It's one of the biggest challenges for the manufacturers to maintain a good quality of water for their products and the storage of water. 

Stainless steel panel tanks can be customized in different sizes and designs as per the customer's requirement. 

Water as a Coolant for Machines Running 24/7  

Keeping the machine cool is altogether a different stream of engineering, manufacturers can't afford the long downtime and machine breakdown, it may hamper the production and whole product life cycle.

TPR Tank-1

Even changing the damaged part takes time so coolant circulation and its quality in machines is very important.   

Water as Cooling the Industrial Workplace and Other HVAC Applications 

Excessive heat in a manufacturing or warehouse environment has negative effects on workers, production levels, and even the quality of produced or stored goods. In HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning), water is one of the main components and during this whole process, water has to be soft in nature.


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