A Brief Discussion with the Nepal Water Supply Corporation on the Present Status of the Water Supply Tank Projects


The Beltecno Group has already completed the Japanese International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) Official Development Assistance (ODA) water tank project in Dhulabari, Jhapa, Nepal in December 2016. The concept of a Stainless Steel water tank, a reservoir water tank was new to the Nepalese. The most admirable part of  SS panel tank is that it is hygienic, maintenance free, has high strength and a very short installation time period (as per the Water Supply Department, Jhapa district, where the installation of Reinforce Cement Concrete[RCC] water tank takes more than 1 year).

Our Point of Discussion with Nepal Water Supply Corporation Team 

After consideration of the various benefits of SS panel tanks, we, the Beltecno Group had an opportunity to have a brief discussion with the Nepal Water Supply- Corporation (NWSC) on 6th June, 2018. The Beltecno Team comprised of  Mr. Kiyokazu Tamura, Mr. Sushil Poudel and Mr. Arjun Pokhrel went to the head-office of NWSC located at Tripureshowr, Kathmandu, Nepal.


The chairman, Dr. Paremeshor Pokhara and DG Dr. Bhupendra Prasad from NWSC asked us for a technical presentation of our products.

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After the technical presentation by Beltecno, the Chairman and his group were impressed with the very short installation time period in spite of the large size of the tank. The standard installation period of the RCC tank in the water supply project is more than 1 year. However, some project due to technical issues and lack of proper planning gets delayed and takes around 2 years to complete. Hence, local people of a specific location are deprived of a reliable water supply. The challenging aspects were addressed by Beltecno: the technology and trained technical experts who can complete the project within a minimal time frame.

NWSC was fascinated with our products based on the Japanese technology, producing high quality tanks with a very short installation time frame. As a result, NWSC has requested our involvement in water tank projects in various parts of Nepal.

The main concern is a cost: whether or not an allocated budget could meet the cost of a SS panel tank project. NWSC asked us to provide the projects budget on a tentative basis.  Therefore, we are co-ordinating with the various engineering consultants for the analysis of a standard cost in Nepal’s market.

In present, the Ministry of Water Supply policy for the water tank is specified with RCC tank. After this meeting, NWSC assured us that the department would add the Stainless-Steel Tanks to their policy level: the  clause. As well as, NWSC will request JICA, Nepal to consider SS water tanks rather than RCC tanks in their upcoming ODA water supply tank project to Nepal.

We are very positive in the outcome of discussion held with NWSC for promotion of the SS water tanks within government levels of Nepal, JICA, and Nepal ODA level, in addition, the advantages of easy access to pure drinking water stored in these hygienic SS tanks will benefit to Nepal and the Nepalese people. These water tanks installation will allow every person in Nepal to have convenient access to pure and portable water, therefore, ensuring better health. Surely, this is one more step towards the development of the society. Thus, by connecting with NWSC, Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS), Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) and JICA, Beltecno provides assurance for active engagement in Nepal for the betterment of the Nepalese people.

Nepal WSC Team 

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