Why Welded Tank technology is better then others ?

TIG welding is a process that uses an arc to melt the metal. The arc is created by passing electricity through two electrodes, one of which is attached to the work piece and the other to the torch. When the arc is struck between the two electrodes, it creates heat and melts the metal in the area where they touch. This can be used to weld metals together or even join pieces.

A unique feature of this type of welding is that the electrode acts as both the filler material and the base of the weld; therefore, it does not need to be preheated before being placed on the workpiece. This makes the process faster than other types of welding.

The welds produced using this method are consistent due to the fact that the molten pool of metal has no surrounding atmosphere, thus allowing for a constant supply of gas during the entire process. This means that there will be fewer voids in the weld compared to other methods like MIG welding.

Another advantage of TIG welding is that it produces a very clean weld with only minimal slag. This allows for easy cleaning afterwards, which is important when working with food and pharma products.

How fully welded tanks are better then Gasket type bolted tanks ?

We have been doing some research on the topic and it seems that there is a lot of confusion about this. So we will try to explain our understanding here:

The gasket-type tank has no welding, so if there were ever to crack or leak in the tank, you would need to replace the entire gasket. This can be very expensive (hundreds of dollars) for a small business owner. On the other hand, a properly made welded tank is much more stable because the welding itself provides the strength needed to keep the tank together. 


The welded tank is made with an internal liner which allows the welds to act as a sort of "second skin" to protect the integrity of the tank. In addition, Our Stainless Steel Panel Tanks also come with a one year manufacturing warranty. If any part of the tank fails during its warranty period, we will repair it. As long as the repair is not considered cosmetic in nature, we will cover the cost of repairs!



We have been manufacturing stainless steel panel tanks since 1947 and pride ourselves on providing top-quality water tanks made of stainless steel at affordable prices globally. 

Stainless steel is extremely durable, meaning that it won't crack or break easily. This makes them ideal for businesses that deal with large amounts of liquid, such as breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Stainless steel tanks don't corrode over time, unlike Iron and FRP tanks. This means that they can last longer than other types of tanks, potentially saving money down the road.

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