Why Industries have to be water efficient in coming future ?

However in irrigation and agricultural activities, usage of water will be always high but urban and rural population in today's time is equally dependent on other industrial products as well along with the agri products. And Industries have to improve their water use efficiency on priority basis. Thinking only about the increase in production will not work on long term, if water will not be used wisely ! 

What is water use efficiency ?  

In simple words water use efficiency is a ratio of effective water used and the withdrawal of water. Water use efficiency is very important irrespective of any working area. Its all about how effective is  the use of water.


Below are the main areas to focus on, How to improve the efficiency of water use in any specific Industrial zone or factory.

1) Improvement of water resource management.

It has to be a good and logical design of water network to make operations more effective and manageable.

2) Accurate measurement will help in achieving the goals. 

Monitoring of water is very important to achieve the desired results. There should be accurate recording and working flow regulators to increase the water use efficiency.


3) Controlled irrigation should be in practice.

Green zones should be handled with extra care as irrigation consumes most of the water so regular checkups and services of irrigation is required here. Use of drip irrigation is most efficient methods with 95-100% water use efficiency which is compared to sprinkler system which is 80-85% water use efficiency.  


Beltecno is helping industries to achieve water use efficiency goals and giving best ROI on water storage solutions. 

Beltecno is expanding its reach as a major industrial water storage solution provider in India as well as in global markets. To safeguard the water for future,  we have become the first choice for industries to store bulk water in our stainless steel panel tanks. 

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Industries such as leather, pharma, chemical, pulp and paper etc are always in top charts of water usage and the business is fully dependent on water so implementing best practices to increase water use efficiency will defiantly profitable in long run.

Stainless steel panel tanks give best ROI among all water tanks segment !

Method of construction is what makes Beltecno different from others, even after using panel tanks for a long period of time, it provide the best recycling value in all water tank segment. Usually there is no return  while demolish the old water tank, moreover a heavy amount need to pay to clean the site and to the demolishing contractors to do the activity. 



Beltecno is manufacturing stainless steel panel tanks ranging from 1KL to 180 KL and delivering it all over India and  global markets. 

Order your tank now !

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