What Is the Use Of Air Vent In Stainless Steel Water Tanks?

We should always keep in our mind that it is very important proper ventilation in the stainless steel panel tank or any other tank which is holding liquid inside it. If there is any pump attached to it and suction is happening, in that case air vents play a very important role.  

What is Vacuum? And why it is dangerous?

A vacuum can also be called the absence of pressure. If there will be no pressure inside. There will be no force to combat the atmospheric pressure as well. As is understood that there is always a constant force acting on the exterior surface of water tank walls. Usually, it is predefined that atmospheric pressure is always 14.7 pounds’ / sq. inch act upon any surface or body.

A vacuum is dangerous because if there is a vacuum inside a tank means no pressure inside to resist the atmospheric pressure it will harm the surface and resulting in this situation it can rapture the surface also.

Vacuum HazardDue to this the whole tank could collapse (Can see in the above picture). Air vents are usually there to provide strength to tanks a to fight with the atmospheric pressure.  

Also if there will be a vacuum in a plumbing system that will not work properly, the importance of an Air vent is always a high priority. Sometimes it is noticeable that spillage come out of the air vent. This is a very normal term as the vent is doing what it is meant to do – allowing the tank to exhaust internal pressure and ‘breathe’.

Beltecno uses Imported Air vents in panel tanks made with ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene) material.

We understand the importance of Air vents in our Stainless steel water tanks so we take it seriously and purchase these vents from Japan for the best results. Basically, we use two types of air vents

NB 100 ABS Airvent (Used in big capacity tanks,100 mm Dia)

NB100 AV

NB 50 ABS Airvent (Used in small capacity tanks, 50 mm Dia)



Beltecno tanks are premium in quality  and manufacturing tanks for so long our experience in Stainless Steel water tank industry is rich. 


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