Water supplies didn't stop but people, What should be the learning by COVID-19 ?

Importance of water is vital in our life and its a very much well known, The water industry is very important and critical and one of those who adapted the new normal of working due to COVID-19 crisis, very fast and efficient.

We hardly encountered with any major breakdowns in water supply due to ongoing crisis and its worth mentioning that each and every water professional served this industry as a warrior and continually serving during this difficult time.  

India has a vast water supply network and it has passed this major test of resilience.

COVID-19 has placed a major impact worldwide, in past few months we have noticed a drastic change in traditional work practices. Even though the count is increasing and still on a rise, however death rate is in controlled position and better if compare to pervious months .

But still the question remain unanswered "When it will end ? and we will back to our normal". Whatever will be the position in future but slowly we all are moving from emergency phase to learning phase and which is a good sign. 

Wastewater Systems

Lets take an example of water supply in India. The country has been hit hard by corona, there are many deaths recorded and the graph is growing continuously with its pace. There are new methods coming up to monitor the spread of COVID-19 virus in municipal wastewater systems and supply water systems, seem promising.

Based upon the identification of RNA strands in water the methods can hopefully help people monitor the spared of the virus in its population and be an effective approach for early warning for second or third waves of epidemics.

What water industry learned?

There are numerous questions in mind about the learning from the pandemic and water industry is no exception. I think during the corona crisis water professionals handled so many emergency response situations and taught something new about emergency preparedness. 

Beltecno_aug (1)

It also taught a new normal of working remotely and make use of Artificial intelligence at various stages of projects. COVID -19 changed the economical landscape some where created new opportunities or somewhere people lost their jobs as well. 

Now things are coming back on a track with a new normal called TRUST of HYGINE

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