Water storage in Stainless steel, An eco friendly method of water storage!

How do we define that the tank we are using is an Eco friendly water tank ?  

Well to answer this question, first it is required to have basic idea how does water gets polluted inside a water tank and available types of water tanks in market now a days. 


Water tanks are one of the very basic necessity for humans, Construction of water tanks makes it easy to access the safe and pure water. 

What makes a water tank ideal to use ? 

For a family of four people 1500 Ltrs of water is enough for a day, an average person need 200 to 250 ltrs of fresh water a day. following are the major points which makes a water tank ideal for use. 

1. Access to water tank for periodic cleaning.

Its a foremost important  point, cleaning of water tank is very important time to time. Easy access to water tank makes it convenient to clean.  

Periodic Cleaning

It can be seen from above picture, that in ordinary water storage tanks it could be very difficult to clean it properly and on the other hand Beltecno's panel tanks make it very easy to clean completely without any problem of access and drainage due to provided big manhole and bottom drain socket accordingly.  

2. Temperature of water inside the tank. 

Water temperature plays important role specially in the case of overhead water tanks, usually in summer time water get heated by successive heat from sun, so temperature should be maintained properly. Stainless steel panel tanks by Beltecno provide insulated water tanks to tackle with such situation.



However the glass wool insulation used in pale tanks are not solely meant to provide water in its stored temperature but also into HVAC applications where any certain temperature needs to be maintained  inside the tank. 


3. Recycling of tank material and its scrap value.

If we talk about the recycling of water tank very less people think about this, but this factor proves that you made an intelligent and an Eco friendly choice or not.


In case of any other material, you barely get something but in case of stainless steel panel tanks you will defiantly get a handsome amount even after years of using it. 

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