The Way We Are Storing Water Overhead Is Been Replaced With the New Paradigm in 21st Century. A Paradox ?

In this era of change where old paradigm are changing with new technologies and models. The method of storing water in India is intrinsic to the old fashioned ways. 

In my view until we will not understand the impact of poor quality of water, which is harmful for the whole generation of the country, the disruption will not take place and the old paradigm would not take a shift to the advanced technologies which other countries are already following. 

Beltecno Came to India with a Vision of clean water access to all people.

Where Beltecno's existence in India is from last one decade, we personally realized the change in patterns, we experienced the end users's persona towards water storage in last few years at industrial level, The day is not so far when the entire industrial water tank market share would eventually take a swift towards the usage of Stainless steel water tanks and other more hygienic alternatives. 

Beltecno Water Tanks

The Churn is already started due to recent policy changes from governing bodies to stop single use of plastic.  

The notification is already came last month from the current government in India, that single use of plastic should now be totally stopped  due to high level of pollution in the country. 

Technology is playing a huge role in changed mindset 

Its the time of democratization on global level, people are well connected with the other part of the world and country. Business are getting more transparent, and its the time where technologies like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Automation is taking place in all the industrial segments. Digitization of things at various stages are on a rapid pace, keeping all this in mind Beltecno is also focusing on the new parameters for supplying Stainless steel water tanks in India. 


Now we are Supplying Pre-fabricated Stainless steel water tanks up-to 1 Lack liter through Road Transport


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For more details about Beltecno's SS Water tanks get in touch with our team at or call at given below numbers +91-9116009580, +91-7300084028, +91 -9549286222

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