The Upcoming Project of Beltecno

The Endorsement Ceremony for the Incorporation of New Manufacturing Plant at Fukushima

In 14th February 2018, the agreement between the Honorable Mayor of Hirono, Fukushima, Japan and President of Beltecno Group has sanctioned for the incorporation of the new factory at Hirono Industrial Zone. The main purpose of this approach between the government of Fukushima and Beltecno is to promote the entry of new companies at Hirono Industrial Zone.

Signing CeremonyPictures: President of Beltecno group Mr. Suzuki (Left) & The Mayor of Hirono, Fukushima, Mr. Endou (Right)

We want to focus more on manufacturing and development of sales channel at Touhoku and Hokkaido areas. Consequently, we also guarantee that we will recruit and train the local people on TIG welding technology”- Hiroshi Suzuki

map-Fukushima.png                                                Map of Fukushima Hirono, Fukushima, Japan

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