Technicalities of Beltecno's Stainless steel panel tanks

Stainless steel is a wonder material for storing water, and there is no doubt in that. But there are few technicalities which is very important for consumers to understand before choosing the stainless steel as an option for water storage. 

So lets discuss those technicalities in today's blog. 

Stainless steel panels are welded together by TIG welding.

To make our panel tanks leak proof we use welding technology, due to high pressure inside the tank and mainly on the bottom side, tanks usually face surface deformation, bursting or leakage issues after a years of its use but in case of Beltecno's stainless steel panel tanks we use high quality stainless steel with streamline TIG welding.


Best to hold pure and drinking water.

Beltecno recommends our customer to put treated, purified and drinkable water inside the tanks, as impurities in the water may react with with the metal and create issues which will directly impact the stainless steel water tank durability. 

Its important to understand the material properties of stainless steel, it is made primarily from carbon and iron, but there  few additional alloys divide stainless steel into various stainless steel grades. Chromium is most prominent along with few common alloys found are magnesium, nitrogen, nickel and molybdenum.


Fully Customized as per the site conditions.

Usually water tanks come with fixed and standard designs in market, in case of Beltecno's stainless steel panel tanks a fixed volume can be divided in various dimensional sizes as per the real site conditions.

This point is very useful for space constraint working conditions. Moreover we offer customization in connection sockets and flanges as well, the connection points can be placed according to end use. 

Stainless Steel Panel Tanks

in this picture the height is limited so accordingly the tank height is adjusted also its very easy to connect with other tank and machinery through customized connection points.  

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