Stainless Steel Panel Tanks, the most light weight water tanks in the segment.

How does weight impact the whole structure, is a well-known factor in structural terms. The lighter the weight higher the durability of the whole structure is the basic rule. In today's blog, we are discussing how Beltecno's stainless steel panel tanks are built so light-weight and what are the major advantages. 

How Stainless steel panel tanks are built?

Comparing stainless steel panel tanks with carbon steel and concrete will help us understand how lightweight make difference, Stainless steel panel tanks are lightweight since its already very high in material strength, the thickness of the panel sheet ranges from 1.5 mm to 3 mm depending upon the height of the tank. This is one of the major advantages for a building structure in long run in terms of durability.  

Stainless steel panel tanks are made of multiple numbers of panels joined together. the panel size is 1m x 1m so by joining these panels Beltecno is delivering huge reservoirs based on the different customizations and requirements.

Light Weight Tanks

What are the Advantages of lightweight?

Cost and time saving on building heavy and expensive friction pillars and foundations. 

Usually while opting for Concrete and Iron tanks it takes a lot of cost and time to construct heavy pillars and foundations for load distribution, and eventually, increase the risk of issues associated with heavy loading if the calculations are not properly done and executed on-site. In the case of stainless steel panel tanks, such issues are on a minimal side due to their lightweight compare to concrete and Iron. 


Help in adding life to buildings and civil structures. 

The lightweight of panel tanks directly affects the durability of the building and supporting structure. Even after filling the water, it does not harm the structural properties of the structure. So whenever you are planning to store potable and drinking water do give a thought to stainless steel panel tanks. 


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