Stainless Steel Panel Tanks over Stainless steel cylindrical tanks in terms of construction and quality for Industries and commercial spaces.

While both stainless steel tanks solve the same purpose of water storage on other hand stainless steel panel tanks an alternate of conventional cylindrical tanks having some extra qualities, we are discussing in today's blog. 

Water storage is one of the major concerns of any facility whether it is a Industrial project, commercial real estate project or any institutional project. Water storage and plumbing  is one of the most important thing which should be considered wisely and smartly. 

Which water storage tanks are good for you ? cylindrical or Panel ? Lets discuss.  



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Sr. No. Parameters  Panel Tanks Cylindrical Tanks 
1. Weight  Light in weight Heavy in weight
2. Sheet Thickness 1.5~2.5 mm  >4 mm
3.  Durability  Long durable  Long durable
4.  Cost  Less in Cost High in Cost
5.  Maintenance  Easy to maintain Less easy compare to Panel tanks
6. Applications

1) Supply water storage and bulk water storage. 

2) Storage of treated water.

3) Storage of RO and DM water.

4) Storage of drinking water.

5) As a cooling tank. (Insulated)

6) Used in HVAC application. 

7) For atmospheric pressure.

8) As hot water tank. 

9) Can be used as a cold and hot well tank with internal partition. 

10) Machine cut and punched insulation panels (MOC - AL and Stainless steel) 

1) Best to use in pressure conditions. 

2) Best for steam generation.  

3) Storage of RO and DM water.

4) Storage of drinking water.

5) Good as hot water tank. 

6) Manual cladding or insulation. (MOC- AL) 

Table no. 01

from the above table 01, we had an idea in which application panel tanks and cylindrical tank can be the best fit. in short panel tanks could be the best option for storing water on atmospheric pressure and bulk water storage. 

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