Save Water ! These eight changes in habits can save hundred liters of water in a day !

We Beltecno continued to spread awareness for water conservation and supporting save water initiative in India. In recent few years, water scarcity has become a big problem for so many Indian states which need a lot of attention from the individual as well as communities in India.

Today we are talking about how we can save a good amount of water just by changing a few of our daily habits.


  • leak check in Toilets – On an average bathrooms and toilet is the place where water consumption is always on the high side comparably, so there is an easy way to check the leakage, put some color drops in the flushing tank and leave it for some time and see if the coloring begins to appear after some time in the bowl, it means there are a leakage and wastage of water, that may be wasting a huge amount of water.


  • Putting a plastic bottle in the toilet tank – It might be strange in listening but you never know that you can save gallons of water by putting one plastic water bottle inside your toilet tank. You can do this by putting some sand or pebbles in the bottom just to increase some weight and fill rest the bottle with water and keep it inside the tank safely away from the mechanism inside. Bottle may save up to twenty liters of water a day.
    If the tank is big enough then putting two bottles will be more beneficial. This method doesn’t affect the efficiency of toilet.


  • Try to take shorter shower and avoid using buckets – A typical shower takes around 18 to 40 liters of water a minute so try to use it wisely. Also by installing the water-saving shower and heads can cut down the water consumption by 30 to 40%. 

water aerator

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving – It’s a habit that needs to change when water is not in use while brushing or shaving. It can save a good amount of water.


  • Don’t ignore even a drop let from the tap – You never know that if a drop of water running from the water tap is a water wastage of 180 or more liters of water a day so don’t ignore that and fix the problem as soon as possible.


  • Use your washing machine or dishwasher for full load only – A washing machine or dishwasher usually use around 700 or more liters of water in one cycle. So make sure to use it only when you have a full load.


  • While cleaning vegetables better to sink and rinse it in a bowl not in running water – It's again a habit by changing it we can save a good amount of water usually In a one minute wash we use around 50 to 100 liters of fresh water, while if we use a bowl and wash it by sinking it we can reduce the usage by 30 to 40%.


  • Don’t avoid the use of washers in your plumbing work – The washer is one of the very important elements in the plumbing, a proper fit of the washer can save a lot of water but ignoring it can leave a permanent leakage problem and damage too.


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