Japan to India Beltecno is Committed to Pure Drinking Water for All!

Journey of Beltecno so far

Year 1947, Beltecno was founded in Japan for the purpose of manufacturing and selling dyeing machines.

Year 1957, Incorporated Suzuki Mfg. Co Ltd with the capital of 300 million yen.

Year 1968, Marketed high-pressure cheese dehydrator machine.

Year 1978, Developed and marketed stainless steel panel tanks.

Year 1980, Developed stainless steel (SUS 444) heat storage tank along with marketed hot water storage tanks.

Beltecno Factories

Year 1981, Developed and marketed various types of short-liquor dyeing machines.

Year 1982, Developed and Marketed stainless steel closed expansion tank.

Also Gifu factory was constructed to expand the stainless steel panel tank operations.

Year 1985, Developed and marketed fully automatic cheese dehydrator machine.

Year 1989, Kyushu factory was constructed to expand the stainless steel panel tank operation.

Year 1990, Incorporated Beltecno Co. Ltd.

Year 1991, Developed and marketed plate heat exchanger.

Aomori factory was constructed to expand the stainless steel panel tank operation.

Year 1993, Developed and marketed insulated stainless steel panel tank.

Year 1994, Incorporated BELTECNO Giken to manufacture stainless steel tanks and BELTECNO made a full scale entry into water supply business.

Year 1998, International Quality Management System “ISO9001” was awarded to Beltecno headquarters, Nagoya branch and manufacturing department.

Year 2006, Gifu BELTECNO Co Ltd. merged with Kyushu BELTECNO Co. Ltd. and Aomori BELTECNO Co. Ltd. to incorporate BELTECNO Plant Industry Co. Ltd.

Year 2008, BELTECNO headquarters moved to Nagoya, Japan.

Year 2009, Incorporated Beltecno India Pvt. Ltd.

Year 2010, Developed and marketed ultra-large rectangular stainless steel tanks called ‘BeSST’.

Year 2014, Location of headquarters changed

Year 2015, Constructed Fukushima plant for the restoration of the Tohoku region, diversification of risks and business expansion.

Year 2015, Location of headquarters changed

Incorporated BELTECNO Nepal Private Ltd.

Year 2018, New plant for manufacturing AC (Air Conditioner) parts extended in Beltecno India Pvt. Ltd.

Year 2019, Opened a new business office at Pune, India.

Now when Beltecno has come a long way and mainly into manufacturing stainless steel panel tanks raking among top few largest tanks manufacturing corporations in world, setting its vision to be the part of pure drinking water campaign.

Connecting water to Life

Beltecno technology supports the safe delivery of water, an essential resource for the existence of life and industry.

“Water is a vital natural resource and is necessary for sustaining life. Rapid urbanization and industrialization have become emerging issues with respect to water usage. Beltecno is assertively involved in this matter to ensure delivery of clean water to the world. “

Beltecno Corporation


Hiroshi Suzuki


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