Is Water Mismanaged or Insufficient in India ?

It is been said that Pure water is the world's first and foremost medicine ! India, a territory which is stretched from vast Himalayas to the down south dense forests, Its a land which is rich in minerals its extensive cultural diversity. 

Today we are covering a very important topic, whether water is mismanaged in our country or its not sufficient. 


A global impact and insights 

  • Water crises is the 4th global risk, which is directly influencing the society. 
  • Almost 844 Million people are distressed of pure drinking water. 
  • Almost 1 Million people are dying each year due to lack of pure drinking water.
  • Women and children are mostly affected. 
  • In United states almost one sixth of the population is there without a water connection in their homes. 
  • As per the 2019 global risk report, by the year 2050, more than 650 million people in 500 cities are expected to have lack of fresh water availability. 

Referring to a report named 'Beneath the surface' a report presented by water aid.

Is India a water-scare country ? 

Answer is no, as India is having major rivers along with a average annual rainfall of 1,170 millimeters. Due to the poor water conservation in the country, its hitting the radar of water scarcity. 

India is at a stage where water should not be treated as a liability or under only in limited conditions. There is a high demand among all of us to use it in the best conservation methods.

indian farmer

Most importantly application under agricultural form there should be awareness campaigns at grass root level to provide education especially behavioural changes within themselves to consume water in such a way so that a day will come when there will not be water left. 

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Beltecno in India. 

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