Industrial Bulk Water Storage Tanks By Beltecno

In Industries there is a need of good quality water management, Its essential to treat water and use it wisely at each step. Increase in industrial activities also require a non stop industrial water supply too, in the era of modern technologies, Beltecno came up with smart water storage solutions for industries. 



These are two variants of water storage tanks (Horizontal and vertical) , cylindrical type tanks are available up-to 10 KL in size.  


Bulk Water Storage for industries. 

Increasing population worldwide also leads to an increased demand of industrial water, as most of this industrial water return to environment with out any treatment which can cause a lot of problem for future of this ecosystem.

It should be a responsibility of all the business that we treat water first and then release it back to environment. 


To meet the guidelines and international standards for the long run, necessary actions are required in the right direction. 

Beltecno's Stainless steel panel tanks are infrastructural backbone of Industrial water 

In industries there are several places and needs for storing water, Beltecno is offering one tank for different applications and has become a infrastructural backbone for industrial water storage needs in different sectors. 


 Water Storage Tanks         Screenshot_1

Panel tanks are modular in nature, we design and manufacture as per the end user's requirement.

We are carrying with us the last 50 years of extensive experience and developed specific storage solution for industrial water and we still keep developing new solutions for wastewater treatment plants, soft water storage and cooling water storage  in combination with specialist partners in segments of the industry.


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