Indian Budget 2020 : Push in Infra and Water Projects, Boost Importance of Stainless Steel

National Infrastructure Pipeline  (NIP) is allocated with the budget around ₹19.5 lack Cr. for FY 21 under the budget 2020. which means it should hopefully boost the market of stainless steel producers as well. Stainless steel market size is expected to be scale up in coming years 

in today's blog we will be discussing about the major infrastructural developments has to happen in 2020 in India.


Contribution of Stainless steel into the new Infra development

Since a long time humans are always hungry for develop new things and improving existing living methods. Adding new innovations to our daily lives, the patent houses are full with ideas and research. Among all this, from a very long time stainless steel is one of the major contributor in infra projects. 


Beltecno is playing a prominent role in developing the water segment in India.

Day by day our stainless steel panel tanks are becoming a must go for Industrial, Commercial as well as residential space in India. 

Dispatch Products from factory


Dispatch of Stainless steel panel tanks from our factory from Neemrana, Rajasthan to Chennai for an industrial project.

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