India is going to face a massive Water Crisis Soon ! Do we have any Action-plan for This ??

Almost 71% of the planet Earth is surrounded by Water and out of which around 96.5% is Sea water so we should understand the value of ground water which is only 3.5%

-USGS (United States Geological Survey)

Massive Water Crisis

A water crisis could be the case when the availability of water is not enough then the demand as a result of non-availability of water or misuse of water resources.

As per the UN water development Report 2016, Out of the most serious issues, Humanity is facing nowadays is scarcity of potable water for drinking and domestic use.

The crisis is feared to worsen dramatically in the next coming decade. However, we Indians are still not prepared or settled for the seriousness of water scarcity within the country, and therefore it’s our responsibility to coordinate with and support the govt. and non-govt. agencies who are working towards implementation of several effective methods and proper management for utilization of potable as well as ground water.


Alone New Delhi produces 3.6 billion of sewage every day but due to negligence and poor strategy only half of this sewage is getting treated properly and rest untreated waste is dumped in to the Yamuna River.

The foam which can be noticed in the above picture is nothing but due to high level of Ammonia and discharged industrial pollutants.

And due to this Yamuna becomes dead here in Delhi, the water becomes highly contaminated and can’t be even used for bathing. Also Groundwater depletion on a high rate in National Capital Region, Delhi India!

Few facts we can’t ignore

  • India can be the worst hit by water crisis due to its improper use of available water resources, water Storage, growing population and lack of efficient policies.
  • Along with social and economic implications, water crisis also has legal, political as well as environmental consequences.
  • The water crisis is one of the largest global problem facing humanity.
  • Even today, some of the metros like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai; some localities depend on private water tankers for daily water needs.


Effective Measures

  • Implement Rainwater harvesting
  • Try using good sanitation practices
  • For Industries - Implement Reuse and recycling methods
  • Avoid Plastic Storage Switch to SS water tanks and reservoirs.
  • Will have to be strict against dumping sewage into water bodies like rivers, lakes or any freshwater resources.
  • Keep your surrounding clean and initiate tree plantation.

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