Importance of Pure Drinking Water in day to day life

Water is the most important and necessity element in human life. Approximately 70% of the human body, water is found in the cells. The source of all body fluids including blood, lymph, saliva, digestive enzymes, urines etc. is the pure drinking water. Water is the regulator of all body functions. It is the main source for transporting energy to every cell in the body. The brain is also made up of 80% of water, severe dehydration may lead to mental derangement, inability to think clearly. Thus human body requires a 6-8 glass of pure water daily to function properly. The best time to drink water is in morning and 30 mins before eating foods.

Need of Pure Drinking Water

As we all know that water is an important element to regulate body so drinking water should be pure and hygienic. Otherwise, people may suffer from various water-borne diseases. A Developed country like Japan is supplying pure water in most of the places. The developing and underdeveloped countries are facing the problem of unhygienic drinking water, leading to various water borne disease. Yearly many people are dying due to lack of pure drinking water especially pregnant women and children are more suffering from this problem.

I would like to share my experience, I have been to Japan for few years and in my initial days, I was surprised that people are drinking tap water directly. Then I asked to one of my Japanese friends, Is tap water is safe to drink directly? Then he replied that there is no difference between tap water and mineral water from a pure and hygienic point of view in Japan, you can drink tap water directly. Then, I remember that in our country we use either RO system or filtered for drinking water. Also, I realised that Government of Japan is so much conscious about the health of their people and the regular test had been conducted to check the PH level to maintain the purity of water. I wish our country would also focus on the same matters and give assurance to its people for supplying safe, clean and hygienic water in India.

Tap WaterPeople drink tap water directly in Japan

The proper maintenance of source of water is very much essential for safe, pure and hygienic water. Thus, water storage system is most important factor in determining whether drinking water is safe or not? Most of the developing countries use the traditional type of water storage system from where water get supplied to villages and cities. Proper cleaning and maintenance activities are essential on regular basis to maintain the water and to make it safe and hygienic which is very much lacking in normal water tanks. Moreover, People use plastic water tank to store water for domestic purpose but the leaching on tank is being ignored which leads huge damage on health.

Hence, Beltecno suggests every people for the use of SS water tanks to store and preserve water, which is very much important in day to day life. Beltecno tanks maintain the water quality and store water in its natural form. Water stored in Beltecno's Steel tank is bacteria free and stops algae fermentation inside the tank.  

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