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How water tank size is determined while designing a building plan ?

Water tanks are the most important part of any building. They provide us with drinking and cooking water, as well as for other purposes like irrigation or toilet flushing. The size of these tanks depends on the amount of water required by the building. It also depends on the number of people living in it.

The first thing to consider when you’re planning your home is how much water you will need.

You can calculate this using the following formula:

In this formula, q quantity of water (in liters) needed per day, the t time period required (in days), A area of house/building (square meters).

This means that the maximum capacity of the water tanks should be at least double the estimated quantity of water usage. This way, you won’t run out of water during peak hours. 

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What is a pressed stainless steel tank, Is there any particular capacity for this tank?

A pressed steel tank is one of the best options available to Industries. These tanks are made from high-quality stainless steel grades SS 304 L and SS 316 L which ensure they last longer than regular iron or plastic tanks. However, they are more expensive than iron or plastic tanks but cheaper in long run due to their high durability. 

When you plan to buy a new stainless steel water tank, it usually costs high. If you want to know about the current tank prices, get in touch with our sales team. But if you see Raw material itself costs a lot and due to which buying a stainless steel tank is nothing but buying an asset for you which will give good ROI in long run. 

Impact of heavy loading on the building structure due to water and How are Panel tanks good to install for building a life? 

As discussed earlier, stainless steel panel tanks are used in many different applications. Some of them include storing RO water, Drinking water, potable water, Processed water, etc. Panel Tanks are designed to hold a certain volume of water. In general, the larger the tank, the higher it's capacity.


However, there are some factors that affect the size of the tank. As mentioned above, the size of the tank depends upon the quantity of water required. This quantity varies based on the type of building being constructed. Commercial Buildings require more structural-friendly solutions due to the life of buildings. Therefore, panel tanks are the lightest ones to go for.

On the other hand, big buildings such as hospitals and schools require large-sized tanks because of the huge volume of water.




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