How does lightweight stainless steel panel tank plays an important role in modern infrastructure projects ?

In our last blog, we discussed the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), finding the right solution for the increased demand is becoming a real challenge for modern era industries. Change in technology is rapid and due to which a product has to be manufacture with a concept retrofitting and future modifications if required. 

Beltecno is a pioneer company in manufacturing stainless steel panel tanks and understands the concept of the 4th Industrial revolution very well, thus we designed our tanks according to the customer demand and by keeping the future also in our mind. 

In today's blog, we will discuss the importance of lightweight of stainless steel panel tanks. 

Beltecno' Stainless steel Panel tanks are highest in Strength if compare with RCC, Iron, etc.

We have maintained the durability by reducing the weight of panels, our stainless steel panels are lighter if compared with carbon steel, Iron, and RCC. Also, it makes them durable for the long run as well as the highest in strength. It's also possible to use these tanks on soft ground to avoid expensive structures if required. 

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Panel tanks are 1/30th lighter than RCC!

The thin panels are high in strength, which makes it very easy for the end customers to install them with ease and fewer resources. Also, it's a very big advantage to avoid uneasy structure costs on the other hand. However, RCC tanks take a long period of time to install, extra resources as well as heavy foundation and structure. Panel tanks on the other side are almost 1/30th times lighter to store the same volume of water. 


Lightweight makes Beltecno's panel tanks quake-resistant.

Panel tanks were invented in Japan and the main reason was to develop this technology to keep the water supply on even during and after the earthquake. Lightweight makes panel tanks quake-resistant up to 7.4 richterscale. We have a history to replace earth quake damages water tanks with our stainless steel panel tanks. Tanks comp Nepal


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