How concrete tanks are made? and stainless steel panel tanks as a smart option.

Concrete water tanks can be constructed above or below ground with a flat base. Foundation of concrete water tanks need to be strong enough as it has to be fit for load bearing. In concrete tank it need to have good amount of room around the tank, for building the scaffolding.

Types of RCC Tanks and their shapes.
RCC or concrete tanks are very famous there could be many applications, types and shapes of concrete water tanks. 

Sr. No. Types  Shape
1. Underground Rectangular Tank
2. On Ground 



3. Overhead 

Intze tank

Spherical tank

Circular tank with conical bottom

RCC water tank should be designed according to the sufficient resistance to cracking to avoid leakage and enough strength, sometimes due to improper design calculation and material selection it can lead an accident too.  


Concrete water supply overhead tank. 

Concrete water tanks require a strong foundation under and above ground both ! 

Overhead concrete water tanks take enough planning and execution in all stages along with, its important for RCC tanks to have strong foundation in both ground as well as above ground. 

Concrete Tanks

Basic design requirements of over head concrete tanks.


It require a strong bond of moments joints for example contraction joints, expansion joints and sliding joints to prevent concrete relative movements.  

A good amount of engineering is involved for a successful and durable structure, any wrong design calculation or interpretation may lead system failure and risk of hazard. 


Stainless steel panel tanks could be a better option over concrete tanks.

Stainless steel panel tanks are very new concept in the Indian market and eventually proving a better option as a over head water tank in place of conventional concrete overhead tanks. below is a comparison chart. 

20170406_beltecno_illustアートボード 1-1

20170407_beltecno_illustアートボード 2

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