Different applications of a partitioned panel tank and manufacturing feasibility.

Stainless steel panel tanks are easily customized and instead of two different tanks partitions are easy to introduce which saves a lots of engineering complexities and Partitioned tanks are very useful in so many different applications. 

In today's blog we will discuss what all applications a partitioned tank can be used and what are the manufacturing feasibility of these partitions in stainless steel panel tanks.

What are the partitioned stainless steel tanks ?

Stainless steel panel tank is an ideal choice for various industrial applications, and customization make panel tanks more flexible to introduce in projects. Placing partition in stainless steel panel tank is quite easy as we have a wonderful construction of panels which is (1m x 1m) in size and partition is easy to insert .


Also, partitioned tanks are more successful and cost effective if we compare them with other tanks. These tanks make the utility network less complex and gives an extra advantage of space as well engineering. 

Application of Partitioned panel tanks 

Majorly panel tanks are made to store water and used in various water applications where two separate tanks are required. In case of panel tanks instead of putting two separate tanks our customers ask us to give a partition in panel tank. Following are the major applications where these tanks are used. 

HVAC and central cooling systems 

Partition plays a vital role in HVAC as in mostly all the HVAC systems a hot and cold well is required to maintain a certain temperature in big premises such as paint shops, Laboratories, server rooms or any other facility where a certain level of temperature needs to be maintained. 


Machine cooling tanks 

To meet the production demand machines some times need to kept on running of 24/7 and due to friction and vibrations its very important to cool down the machine temperature so that it can perform for long time. Partitioned tanks are becoming a crucial part of this hot and cool cycle. Hot and cold water kept on running through our sturdy stainless steel panel tanks which help in maintain the machine temperature as desired for long time. 


Process tanks 

Panel tanks can be found in so many process modules and its always  recommended because of the durability and efficiency of the whole process. During the process if its required to store fluids of different viscosity, partition in panel tank is one of the highly efficient and easily available options in the market. 

Process Tanks

Beltecno is one of the major supplier of stainless steel panel tanks to fulfill the need of storage of potable water in industries and commercial areas in more hygienic manner.

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