Efficient Construction Process of Beltecno’s Stainless Steel Water Storage Panel Tank

When it comes to the construction of stainless steel water storage tanks, Beltecno truly stands out in its field. With a remarkable track record spanning decades, we have been consistently delivering stainless steel water storage tanks of the utmost quality.

Beltecno is renowned for its efficient construction process when it comes to manufacturing stainless steel water storage panel tanks. From the initial concrete foundation to the final quality tests, Beltecno ensures a seamless and reliable process. 

At Beltecno, safety and quality are paramount in every project we undertake. We prioritize creating a secure environment while maintaining the highest standard of workmanship to ensure the longevity and reliability of our tanks.

In this article, we will delve into the various stages involved in the construction of these tanks, highlighting key steps and the technical expertise required.

Stainless Steel Panel arrangement  

The first step in constructing a Beltecno stainless steel water storage panel tank is to arrange the different types of panels used for the construction of the Panel tank. The shape and design of the panels used on the corner are different from the center panels so the proper arrangement is a very crucial task to carry out the assembly work. 

Base-frame Assembling and Arrangement 

Base frame_1

The proper arrangement of C-channels is very important. Generally C-channels A and B members should align to shape the flat surface where the stainless steel base plate will be placed. 

Steel Base Frame and Bottom Panel Integration 

Base frame_2

The steel base frame is anchor bolted to the concrete foundation, and the bottom panels are carefully arranged and welded to the steel base frame. This integration ensures a robust and reliable foundation for the tank. Prefabricated panel sections, manufactured with precision, are carefully arranged onto the tank's base. These sections form the core structure of the tank and lay the foundation for further assembly.

Welding of Lower Base Plates 

Lower prefabricated panel sections are expertly welded to each other and to the bottom panels of the tank. This welding process ensures the strength and integrity of the tank's structure.

Ceiling Panel Assembly 

Ceiling panels are meticulously welded together above the internal reinforcement beams. This assembly step provides a secure enclosure for the tank while maintaining structural integrity.

Side Panel Assembly + Interior Reinforcement with Columns 

To enhance the tank's internal reinforcement, beams are welded to the interior columns. This step adds strength and stability to the tank's structure, ensuring its durability over time. Furthermore, the upper side panels are expertly assembled and welded, completing the side panel assembly. This step strengthens the tank's structure and prepares it for the next stage of construction.

Interior reinforcement columns are welded to the side panels of the tank, providing additional strength and stability to the overall structure.

Appurtenances and Finishing Touches 

After the tank body and internal reinforcement are fully assembled and welded, various appurtenances such as ladders, handrails, vents, and piping are added. A passivation film treatment is applied to the welds, ensuring corrosion resistance. Finally, a thorough leak test is conducted by filling the tank with water to ensure its quality.

Technical Expertise in Manufacturing 

Beltecno's stainless steel panel tank manufacturing process requires a high level of technical expertise, particularly in TIG welding. Hight trained and Skilled technicians and operators handle critical tasks such as panel preparation, base frame assembly, base plate fixing, panel welding, and reinforcement and support fixing.


Beltecno's efficient construction process for stainless steel water storage panel tanks ensures quality, durability, and reliability. By following a meticulous step-by-step approach and employing highly skilled professionals, Beltecno delivers tanks that meet the highest standards. From the initial panel arrangement to the final quality tests, Beltecno's commitment to excellence is evident throughout the entire manufacturing process.

For more information regarding our stainless steel panel tanks download our product brochure.

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