Beltecno's Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, a Current Infrastructure Need of India.

What is a thermal energy storage tank ? Tank that stores chilled water produced during off-peak hours. This water may be used as-needed during the day. This reduces power usage and results in cost savings. Beltecno's thermal energy storage tanks are quite favorable for air conditioning and heating systems.  


Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, A Battery for a building's air-conditioning system. 

Because thermal energy (Could be hot or cold water) is generated and collected in thermal energy storage tanks during the off duty time and mainly reserved for the peak utilization time and distributed once required accordingly. Due to its nature thermal energy storage tanks usually act as battery for whole air-conditioning system. 

We provide a strong insulation to prevent the heat loss during the whole air-conditioning process.


How Beltecno's Thermal Energy Storage Tanks work ? 

As discussed, our panel tanks work as a battery for various thermal energy applications. there are basically two stages of air-conditioning process one is high demand time (discharging time) , when cooling or heating could be on its peak and second is off duty time (recharging time), which is also known as makeup time. so we will discuss both the stages, that how Beltecno's tanks act in both the conditions. 

During peak time (Discharging)

During peak time

During Off Time (Recharging)

During Low Demand

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