Asia and Water ! See the Brief Outlook

We can't turn our back from this truth that in last two decades globalization in the Asian countries are on its peak, each one of us are in the race of modern changes and makeovers of our ancestral methods of doing various tasks, even then it is construction of high creepers, Mobility, Automation or farming. 

In almost each sector, modern methods are taking place. So today we are discussing the latest technologies actively working into water sector, can change the current situation. 

These modern technologies can change the future of water in Asia ! if implemented and practiced properly.

1 - Sea water desalination :

Biomimicry, one of the best examples of sea water desalination process, its implemented back in 2005 in Singapore.

Biomimicry is a biological process in which shrubs of brackish water and euryhaline fish (This fish can live in a fresh water as well as in salt water) separates salt from sea water by using very less energy compare to reverse osmosis process.  


Sea water desalination is still very expensive, as RO technology used, consume lots of energy but the biological process like Biomimicry can bring the change, if implemented in accurate direction.

2 - Filtration with Nano - Technology  :

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has developed this nanotechnology into filtration process, which removes bacteria, microbes and other harmful matter from water using composite nanoparticles, which emit silver ions that destroy contamination.

Nano technology

It will soon be possible to produce 10 litres of water — free of bacteria and virus — at just Rs. 10-12 per month, for the daily consumption of a family of five.*

3 - Smart Monitoring methods :

Water leakage is still remain the pain area for developing countries. Water distribution networks are not easy to handle and maintain in the countries where infrastructure is old.

Water leaks are harmful and very expensive for city facilities and municipal corporations as these are not only responsible for cuts in supply but also water contamination. 


New Monitoring technologies are helping stakeholders to maintain the huge water supply networks by cloud based technologies and various sensors. These modern methods are capable to detect exact leakage point in very less time. 

4- Smart water storage :

Along with all other changes and innovations, water storage also plays an important role in water developments in Asia. Being the best material to use in hygiene applications, Stainless steel panel tanks in India are becoming the first choice of customers. 


Beltecno India a subsidiary of Japanese company Beltecno Corporation is actively working towards improving the water storage in India as well as supplying the stainless steel panel tanks in to nearby Asian countries. 



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