Advantages of Prefabricated Water Tanks in huge sizes over making them on site.

Industrial water tanks play a very important role in production and processes. We need to understand the importance of water supply in our plants as water is not only one of the major factors to increase productivity but also a very precious natural resource.

We spend a huge amount of time, resources, and money to make water usable and drinkable then why not check the quality of storage tanks also. In Today's blog, we will be discussing the advantages of installing a prefabricated tank and avoid the site installation until there is no other option left. 

What is a prefabricated panel tank?

Usually, industrial water tanks are made onsite and it's a traditional method to use concrete tanks in case of storing huge volume. In India, for the past few years, we noticed a slight change in these traditional methods, and industries now exploring other methods as well to store water and Stainless steel is one of those new materials which is highly recommended if treated and drinking water needs to be stored. 

Prefabricated panel tanks are those which are ready to use at the site, Beltecno has a fully equipped manufacturing plant at Neemrana, Rajasthan and we are supplying water tanks PAN India up to 120 KL manufactured in our factory. 

Prefabricated Tank 

An Insulated stainless steel panel tank manufactured at our Neemrana Factory in India.

Advantages of prefabricated panel tanks over making it on site.

Advantages of having a prefabricated tank instead of making it on-site make a lot of difference. Below are a few advantages.

  • Prefabricated tanks are manufactured in a factory with all the necessary machinery and tools to support them, It's easy to follow all the quality protocals in the case of prefabricated panel tanks. 
  • Atmospheric conditions and site conditions are both play a major role in the manufacturing process, manufacture it on-site may hamper productivity and timeline if not in favor.
  • In the case of prefabricated tanks, it's very easy to install the tank on a civil foundation, and it's just a matter of few hours and it's become very easy for end-user to start using just after doing the required connections.
  • Cost-wise prefabricated tanks are cheaper compare to those manufactured on site.
  • In a factory, we have a well-developed testing labs so there is almost no chance of error. 
  • In the factory, we have a proper chemical wash drainage facility but on-site we usually need to take permissions from the local authorities to perform chemical wash, which creates a problem at the time of handover. 
  • In prefabricated tanks, there is no risk of any hazard but in the case of site installation, there is always a risk of hazard because stainless steel panel tanks are made by doing complete tig weldng to achieve zero liquid discharge from these big reservoirs. 

1-2Dispatch of prefabricated stainless steel panel tanks from Beltecno India (Neemrana Plant)

We highly recommend going for prefabricated tanks as it would be a hassle-free buying experience.

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