A successful project handover of Stainless Steel Panel Tanks at Serum Institute of India (Pune)

Serum Institute of India, a leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceuticals in the country is located in Pune (India). The company has been manufacturing and supplies various pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, blood components, plasma derivatives, immunoglobulins, etc. Its product range includes injectable medicines. 

The main objective was to design, develop, manufacture & supply stainless steel panel tanks for water storage. The project also involves designing & developing structural stability reports under certain conditions.

Application of Stainless Steel Panel Tanks and their capacity. 

For us it is a prestigious and a  challenging project to work for and we supplied 12 Nos. of Stainless steel panel tanks commissioned at 55 Mtr. building height (Two sets of Sizes 121.5 KL (3m x 9m x 4.5m) - 6 Nos. 148.5 KL (3m x 11m x 4.5m) - 6 Nos).


IMG_20221006_132713Stainless Steel Panel Tanks Installed at Serum Institute of India Pune, India.


Structural Analysis and Stability of Tanks 

The scope of work was to perform FE Analysis on Stainless Steel Panel Tank to validate their structural stability.
The FE study was performed in 2 steps as under:
Case 1: Structural Analysis of tank with wind load, Self-weight & Water weight.
Case 1.1: Wind load in X-direction
Case 1.2: Wind load in Y-direction
Case 1.3: Wind load in Z-direction



Wind load is considered from the Wind Velocity calculation as per IS 875 part 3 as shown 
Case 2: Static Equivalent Seismic Analysis of Tank for Seismic Zone-3 conditions.
Case 2.1: Peak Acceleration load in X-direction
Case 2.2: Peak Acceleration load in Z-direction

Working Methodology

The above Analysis will be performed as per following methodology using Ansys software:
1. Structural Analysis - Structural analysis on SS Panel Tank will be performed for Wind
Pressure along with Self Weight.
2. Static Equivalent Seismic Analysis of SS Panel Tank – Seismic Analysis of Tank
will be performed according to seismic Zone 3 conditions.


Biomedical Pharma (2)


Screenshot 2022-09-01 234630


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