A Joint Talk Between All Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturers Across India Along With Jindal Stainless at Jindal Guest House, Delhi.

There is a time of climate emergency all across the country. As water contamination and pollution is also one of the major contributor and main reasons behind this. It’s time to unite and fight against this matter of contention.

SST Tank Manufacturers

JSL X SS Water Tank Manufacturers (9)

Stakeholder's Meeting at Jindal Guest house, New Delhi

Considering all this, JSL initiated a dialogue and called a meeting on urgent basis of all the stakeholders who are related to Stainless steel water tank industry.

Agenda was simple


When there was a time, people used to drink water from wells or lakes in India, now the situation is getting worst as time is passing through.


Ancient time drinking water well in India (A good example of harvesting water)

As per the latest report from NITI Aayog – ‘A government think tank’, shocked everyone. According to this report By 2020, 21 Indian cities will run out of ground water which includes Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad which will affect around 100 million people, this report also says 40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030.

While most of the Asian neighbouring countries emphasizing on SS water tanks  

In recent years we have noticed a drastic change in neighboring countries i.e. Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore etc. 

Beltecno tank installed in home

Beltecno’s Stainless steel panel tank installed at home in New Delhi

These countries have understood the value of stainless steel tank in their life. India should also choose this path towards a healthy lifestyle and safe future in terms of reliable water storage.

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